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Give your child a headstart as a leader

Dirkiesdorp August 1, 2011

Do you want your child to have the best education your money can buy? Do you want him or her to learn about more than just academic success? Do you want your teenager to learn in a 100% drug-free environment, with other youth that are committed to fulfilling their God-given potential? Do you want your child to learn to live according to Christian faith and values? Do you need a boarding school, that can provide a caring home-away-from-home for your child? Do you want your child to live in an environment where African culture is celebrated and promoted, while other cultures are equally respected?

Then the Themba Education Centre is the best choice for you and your teenager!  

For more than 25 years the Themba Trust has offered residential education to teenagers from across South Africa in a safe, beautiful, deep rural and caring Christian environment. Since 2010 one of the schools we started, namely Siyathemba Secondary School, is serving day-scholars from the Dirkiesdorp area, while Sinethemba now serves boys and girls who wish to attend a unique boarding school, that prepares them as socially and environmentally conscious young leaders, while helping them to fulfil their academic potential and teaching them to live a life based on Christian values.

Photo:  Themba students are accommodated in a privately operated Boarding Facility, while they attend the Sinethemba Secondary School - one of the top three government schools in Mpumalanga Province. A wide choice of subject areas makes it possible for each child to fulfil his or her academic potential, whether in a sciences, business, technical or general stream. In the afternoons and weekends the Themba Trust's Education Services Unit helps these teenagers to discover and develop other talents, such as arts, writing, singing and sports, while the 'Learner Parliament' system helps to develop the leadership capacity of each one of our students.   

Photo:  The Themba Learner Residence is a place where schoolfriends become more like family, creating valuable relationships and networks among our young leaders far beyond Matric. An active Alumni Network and social connections via Facebook means that Themba students stay in touch and support one another long after they have left school. These relationships are a benefit that few other schools can offer.

  • The Themba Education Centre is a unique combination of a private boarding facility and a public school, bringing the benefits of a private residential education facility at affordable Annual Fees.
  • The Mpumalanga Provincial Education Department's Curriculum is followed by Sinethemba Secondary School.
  • The fact that every year there are over 100 scholarships offered to children from poverty-stricken, deep rural homes, means that children from urban areas are reconnected to the cultural wealth of kids from these rural areas. This is an invaluable benefit that every proudly African parent who is concerned that his or her child is struggling with an identity crisis in a western-style, urban environment, will appreciate. And parents from another culture who love Africa, will give their child an invaluable gift of learning one African language (isiZulu) fluently, while sharing own cultural knowledge with fellow learners.
  • The ongoing connections to friends and partner schools in the USA and Germany means that an international perspective is nurtured among our students. It is not a coincidence that two of our students have been awarded full scholarships to study at a prestigious university in the USA, nor that one of our students has represented South Africa at the United Nations Youth Debate in New York!
  • Various types of sport are nurtured among our students. In past years, Themba girl students have been selected to the Mpumalanga provincial and the national 'Banyana Banyana' soccer teams. One of our students was selected to play Tennis on a national basis, and this year two of our students are recognized for their soccer skills on a provincial basis. Basketball, netball and volleyball are also offered very successfully, while ongoing personal fitness is promoted with expecting each learner to take part in a physical fitness activity at least three times a week.
  • Music is the heartbeat of the Themba Education Centre and any child with a dream to sing or learn a musical instrument will have the opportunity here, supported by other students who are already successful performers.
  • Most of all, we pride ourselves on having happy teenagers in our care. After a bit of an adjustment in the beginning, the large majority of children at the Themba Education Centre love this home-away-from-home.
  • We challenge each student to be the best they can be and while maintaining strict discipline, and growing self-discipline, we create an environment in which every student that makes the effort can blossom into a young leader.

Get the forms you need for registration here:

Don't delay! Reserve a place for your child in Grade 8, 9 or 10 today.

Space for boys is extremely limited, please hurry!

For girls the newly renovated hostel facility will allow over 100 new spaces for 2012!

Make sure that your girl child is one of the lucky ones to join the Themba Family.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Sinethemba Secondary School first has to admit your child as a learner, before the Themba Trust can consider your application for a place in the hostel. Fill in both forms at the same time, but ensure that you have been in touch personally with Mr Peter Musoke for a face-to-face registration meeting, prior to the application deadline date. You are welcome to visit Sinethemba Secondary School and the Themba Learner Residence any normal schoolday morning for a tour. Bring your child along to have a look at his or her new home-away-from-home!

The Application Deadline is 31 October 2011.


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Keywords: School