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By: Theebo Tech  11-11-2011
Keywords: Air Seeder, Conservation Tillage


The Equalizer Min-Till Air Seeder is the perfect asset for grain producers to reap the benefits of conservation tillage methods without compromising yields. This single pass implement is equipped with Equalizer Min-Till tine units, renowned for its efficient and practical design. The tine is equipped with a shear, capable of ripping up to 250mm deep without disturbing the top soil excessively. The shear is designed to create an oxygen enriched environment for the seedling to flourish in. The seed depositor works in conjunction with a press and gauge wheel to ensure accurate seed depth placement.
This compact unit is designed to withstand rocky and stony conditions with ease.


The rugged frame design of the Standard Series differentiate it from the rest. It is the perfect choice for the grain producer with larger production units.
This series has been developed for 145-274 kW tractors. It has 24 - 44 rows spaced on 275mm or 300mm. The rows is staggered over three bars with outstanding residue handling ability as a result. Trash flow can further be enhanched by opting for Equalizer Coulters. 


Seed and fertilizer is delivered to the row units through an Equalizer SCR™ Hopper with self cleaning metering technology for unequalled accuracy and consitancy. Seeders are fitted with 2 - 4 polyethelene tanks for seed, fertilizer(granular or liquid) and or water for the spayer system.


Transportation is fast and efficient with the hydraulic operated vertical foldable wing system. Transport width is not more than 5.2 metres.

Attached are downloadable PDF files for the Specifications Sheet and Air Seeder Brochure.

Keywords: Air Seeder, Conservation Tillage