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By: The Stress Box  11-11-2011
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  v  Your DVD, which was draft produced by Corporate Research Consultancy and mastered and produced by Riverwalk Productions, explains all the principles and addresses what you would need to know about dealing with stress from a holistic point of view. The DVD is divided into two parts. Part one provides an introduction to what stress means and discusses self help lifestyle adaptations that you can embark on that will improve your general wellbeing and help you to combat stress.This part of the DVD also explains the physiological responses that occur with respect to stress and introduces you to the SARI principles which refer to Sleep, Activity, Relaxation and Ingestion topics. Depression and Anxiety are also addressed in the first part of the DVD, since these are the most prevalent diseases that occur as a result of stress in our lives.  The second part of the DVD explains the VIDA principles which have more to do with the emotional components that need to be dealt with when coping with stress and refer to View, Insight, Dealing with emotions and Accepting yourself.

v  The Mandala Wisdom Cards, created by Jennifer Snyman of Light Studio, form part of the Insight category of VIDA. These cards are designed to help you reflect on certain insights and ideas as you draw and engage with them. The explanation of how to use them is contained in their box.

v  A View token with a reflection piece attached to it can be found in each box that will help you reflect on some of the issues that could help you remember View principles each day. 

v  A special little box of Margaret Robert’s Sacred Basil tea is there for you to use when you don’t have an answer to something important. The legend around this tea is that you should drink it after having reflected on your issue just before going to bed. When you awake, the clarity around what you should do, will be more evident.

Keywords: dvd, Stress

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Margaret Robert’s lavender scented pillow spray is also in the box and this should be sprayed lightly on your pillow-slip each evening to aid in relaxing body and mind and inducing sleep naturally. Cloud Soft foam earplugs which aid in reducing and blocking out noise (such as a very noisy bed partner) so that a more restful sleeping environment is created.


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A wooden beveled pressure relieving cylinder hand made by Pieter Nel that is best used by placing the cylinder on the floor and then moving your foot up and down in a rolling motion. Our feet work really hard each day in carrying us around and we need to take time out to relax and massage the feet in order to gain a different level of relaxation.


Ingestion | Products

I hope you enjoy experimenting with the concepts contained in each box – they have been specifically packaged and designed to help you to begin focusing on a purposeful way of managing your stress levels on a daily basis so that you can begin living the preventative lifestyle needed to successfully cope with the demands that our lives place on us.