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By: The Stress Box  11-11-2011
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Many of us know what it is like to go without sleep and how it can affect our mood and stress levels. We simply can’t control every factor that contributes to our stress, but we can control making time to get the sleep we need so that we feel less drained and more productive the following day.Getting an adequate amount of sleep each night will not only give us energy, clear thinking and strength to deal with life’s daily stresses, but is also crucial to brain development, and recouperation.  It serves to help consolidate the effects of our daily waking experience.Sleep helps us convert memory into more permanent and enhanced links.

The Sleep Box contains some important aids in helping you sleep at night which are packaged in the drawstring bags. You will find the following products in this box:

  • A hand-made silk sleep mask that blocks out light and fits comfortably over your eyes created especially for The Stress Box by Margaret Roberts.

  • Cloud Soft foam earplugs which aid in reducing and blocking out noise (such as a very noisy bed partner) so that a more restful sleeping environment is created.

  • Margaret Robert’s lavender scented pillow spray is also in the box and this should be sprayed lightly on your pillow-slip each evening to aid in relaxing body and mind and inducing sleep naturally.  Also included is the herb and spice tea selection with lavender extract.

  • Some Vital Chamomile tea is also provided for you to drink before going to bed which aids in inducing sleep.

Keywords: Stress

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I hope you enjoy experimenting with the concepts contained in each box – they have been specifically packaged and designed to help you to begin focusing on a purposeful way of managing your stress levels on a daily basis so that you can begin living the preventative lifestyle needed to successfully cope with the demands that our lives place on us.