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By: The Steve Biko Academic Hospital  11-11-2011
Keywords: Medication, Social Worker

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A summary of the main and additional services with some general information. More details can be found under Out Patients Services.

Appointments and procedures for out patients

The cause of coronary artery disease, the goals of Cardiac Rehabilitation, exercise and general guidelines regarding medication

The Cerebral Palsy Clinic at Pretoria Academic hospital is for children, 12 years and under, with neurological problems e.g. cerebral palsy or Spina Bifida. It is staffed by a multidisciplinary team, which includes physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, a dietician, a social worker and a paediatrician.

Dieticians play an important role in maintaining people’s health through good nutrition. Their work requires good knowledge of food, nutrients, eating habits and their relationship to diseases and normal body functioning.

OHS provides a service in the workplace in maintaining the health and safety of all work employees.

The primary function of the service at the Medical Fitness for Work Section is to conduct work capacity assessments.

Physiotherapists play an active role in the management and rehabilitation of patients in a multi-disciplinary environment

  • Infertility work-up
  • Laparoscopic surgery where indicated
  • Infertility procedures
  • Intra uterine insemination with donor sperm
  • In vitro fertilization with donor sperm
  • Surrogate mothers
  • Donor oocytes

Clinical Technologists are allied health professionals who perform specialist diagnostic, corrective or therapeutic medical procedures, with the assistance of electronic or electro-mechanical equipment.

A podiatrist is a specialist who treats the foot, surgically, as well as biomechanical.

Podiatrists play an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of systematic and local conditions, which may affect the feet and lower limbe

Social workers have special knowledge and skills to deal with the emotional, personal and social implications of illness, as well as disability and hospitalisation.

Their main function is to help the patient, the family and community cope as effectively as possible with their situation and to prevent the development of additional problems by focusing on health behaviour and the social environment

Speech Therapy

The speech therapist/ audiologist is the person who will attend to problems related with:

  • communication
  • hearing
  • swallowing

The speech therapist will evaluate the problem and treat it accordingly.


  • To provide the patient/ caregiver with hands-on information and education about the stoma.
  • To empower the patient/ caregiver to take care of the stoma at home.
  • To start the rehabilitation process that will enable the patient to lead a normal and productive life.

Keywords: Medication, Social Worker

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