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By: The South African Air Force  11-11-2011

This multimedia CD contains the following:

- Vlamgat .pdf (Acrobat) version

- Additional colour photographs

- Audio notes by the author

- Farewell to the Mirage F1AZ video

- Over 15 video clips of the Mirage in action

- Additional previously unreleased material by the author

- Previously unpublished chapter by the author

- Over 90 extra pages written by General Rafael de Pino, commander of the Cuban Air Force in Angola during the conflict about the days in Angola.

- Cuban pilot lists and photos

- Vlamgat screensaver

- Preview of the up and coming "Angolan Theatre" simulator for Falcon 4.0

Review of the CD:

A review of the original book is also available at (See Reviews).

Please note that as this CD is no longer available from the original producer, this product is a copy.

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