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By: The Mixing Bowl  11-11-2011
Keywords: Baking

Our terms work according to the public school calendar. Each term consists of 10 weeks (lessons). If you register, you have to do so for a full term.

Please note that the registration fee entitles each child with a personalized apron and chef’s hat Fees:
Registration fee:R150.00 per year
Term fees:R850.00 for the 1st child
R750.00 for the 2nd child
R650 for the 3rd child

The term fees are payable in full or in three installments over the 10 weeks. Class Programme:
  • Everyone washes hands and puts on their aprons.
  • Everyone is welcomed and new friends are introduced.
  • We go through all the ingredients while the children smell, taste and feel the ingredients for themselves.
  • Extra information on the main ingredient is given and pictures are shown to illustrate this to the class.
  • We also name the utensils. New utensils are introduced and named.
  • We start with the first step of the recipe. They have to listen to the instructions and follow with the help of their parents/guardian.
  • After all the steps are done, I place the baking in the oven while the children wash hands.
  • Tea, coffee and juice is given while children have the opportunity for free play on the equipment outside.
  • When the baking is done, they put into their containers to take home (if there is still left after the drive home!).
Example AgendaWeek 1: Crunchy Cookies
Week 2: Gingerbread biscuits
Week 3: Chicken bobs & carrots
Week 4: Easiest Chocolate Cake
Week 5: Tuna Patties
Week 6: Banana Fudge Bread
Week 7: Chicken Dippers
Week 8: Vanilla Satins
Week 9: Split-apart wheat crackers
Week 10: Home-made Lemonade & cheese wheels

Keywords: Baking