Joburg - Product Innovation Awards

By: The Baby Expo  11-11-2011

The magic of being a parent is never a mundane experience and as parents anything that will ensure you remain informed and educated about the latest and best products on the market that will help make your jobs of taking care of your families a little ones easier and hopefully a whole lot more fun. 

Each year we run the Product Innovation Awards to honour various companies and or individuals who source, produce, supply or invent products or services that help parents to be even better heroes in the lives of their children.

This year The Baby Expo MamaMagic and its team has one objective and that is to ensure that all our parents and parents-to-be find the magic in parenting and we are sure these products and services will get that started for you.

Babybjorn – Travel Cot Light

  • Travel Crib low weight means you can easily carry it around in its smart case.
  • Stable design means that the cot stands firmly.
  • Takes up little space, thanks to slanting edges and removable mattress cover.
  • Suitable from birth to +- 3 years of age           

Stokke® Bounce ‘n Sleep

Stokke® Bounce 'n' Sleep is an innovative multi-function bouncer and daybed combination. The bouncer with its gentle rocking movement is the perfect place to chat, giggle and play. When you need to leave the room, simply pick up the bouncer using the carry handles. The Stokke® Bounce 'n' Sleep bouncer reclines fully and is the only chair of its kind to offer a flat, ergonomic resting position.

Stokke® Tripp Trapp® Newborn Set™

The Tripp Trapp® high chair is designed to fit a child from birth and can be used right into adulthood. Unique adjustability both in depth and height, give any child at any age and size the best support to sit together with the rest of the family at the table.

Knotty Blankie

The Knotty Blankie is a unique design for baby. It’s got three different textured fabrics and bright pictures for baby to see, feel and touch. Great for tactile development. This is a multipurpose product. It comes in bright colours so your baby will love to snuggle when playing and going to sleep.

Animal Pillows

  • The soft, comfy, unique and very versatile Animal Pillows have a variety of uses such as:
  • Feeding Pillow (Fits snug around mommy’s tummy)
  • Baby can lie on it, so they are raised and can see around them.
  • Baby can lie on their tummy to strengthen tummy muscles for crawling.
  • As the child grows it can become a travel pillow, for neck comfort in the car. Even adults can use it for travelling.
Burp Cloth

Our burb cloth is double with two different towelling’s, super absorbent, its soft, has bright pictures and colourful edgings. It is perfect size to fit on mommy’s shoulder, if you are having a baby this item is a must. Very unique design and necessary for every baby. Available in a variety of colours.

Sterntaler® Neck Cushion

The Sterntaler® Neck Cushion is designed in Germany by one of the leading manufacturers of toys and accessories for babies and young children. The Sterntaler® Neck Cushion is used particularly when travelling as it provides secure support and comfortable relief for baby's developing neck and head. This also assists baby to sleep contently.

Sterntaler® Snuggle Wrap

The Sterntaler® Snuggle Wrap is designed in Germany by one of the leading manufacturers of toys and accessories for babies and young children. The Sterntaler® Snuggle Wrap is designed to keep baby warmly wrapped and swaddled from head to toe. The luxurious anti-pilling microfleece gives baby a feeling of warmth and security and while baby sleeps, you stay mobile. The practical opening for the safety straps makes it easy to use in baby carriers and car seats.

4aKid – On-the-go Inflatable Potty

Designed for your fast-pace lifestyle, this Blue Inflatable Potty Seat – On-The-Go is super easy to throw in a bag and head out the door. You can bring all the familiarity and comforts of home with you and your child wherever the both of you might go. It is safe, sanitary, and convenient way to take the stress out of traveling – for your toddler and you.

4aKid Mosquito Bands

This citronella wristband repels mosquitos quickly. Mosquito insect repellent is deet free (no spray necessary). These are bracelet Wrist Bands that are adjustable for kids, small children, and adults. They are safe, non-toxic and waterproof.

Teeth For Life – Xgel Two-Tone Disclosing Tablets

Packet of 5 fruit-flavoured plaque disclosing tablets. A tablet is chewed, then the mouth rinsed. Makes plaque (what children are trying to brush off) visible. After all, you can't remove what you can't see! Moms need never have to nag: "Have you brushed your teeth?!" Used to monitor oral hygiene and as a teaching aid for children (starting to clean their own teeth).


The safe and warm environment of the mother’s womb is translated in the ultimate baby bath - the TummyTub®. Cocooned in the TummyTub®, babies are able to relive the security of the womb by adopting the familiar and reassuring foetal position during their bath. This alternative to the standard baby baths presently available on the market, ensures that the bath routine is stress-free for babies and care-givers alike. From crying to calm in seconds! The TummyTub goes beyond just a practical bath tub and provides amazing health benefits for babies suffering from gas and colic, and extra reassurance to premature babies who left the womb too early. The TummyTub has also been known to help babies with special needs and sleeping problems.

Belly Bandit – Bamboo Edition

The Belly Bandit® post pregnancy abdominal binder is an exclusively tailored, seamless 9” elastic band designed to apply pressure to the abdominal area after delivery. Belly Bandit® provides support and compression to abdominal muscles awhile preserving it shape and durability. When applied correctly, Belly Bandit® will increase blood circulation around the abdomen, facilitating reverse tissue expansion and diminishing uterine swelling without recovery guidelines following a caesarean section. In addition, Belly Bandit® aids with increased mobility, thereby decreasing common complaints of post-partum stasis or c section woes. The Belly Bandit tightens and shrinks your belly post pregnancy.

Babymel – Designer Nappy Bags

Designer nappy bags for mum imported from the UK. The Babymel range of designer nappy bags combine original prints with durable fabrics with great features such as wipe clean linings, insulated bottle pockets and changing mats. All of our bags feature a unique stollerstrap - a brand new design that allows you to switch between stroller and shoulder with ease.

dreamgenii Pregnancy Support Pillow

The dreamgenii Pregnancy Support Pillow  is recommended by midwives and is internationally recognised as the only specifically designed pregnancy pillow to adequately support back, bump and knees at the same time without taking up all the room in the bed.

  • It encourages mums to lie on their left side which is the best position for mother and baby
  • Using the dreamgenii maternity pillow from about 20 weeks pregnant can also encourage the baby to adopt the optimal birth position which can mean a shorter and less painful labour.
  • The pillow can also be used as a breastfeeding support once baby has arrived and is designed to support the back during feeding and keep the baby at the correct height and position for breastfeeding. 
  • The dreamgenii pregnancy pillow has been certified by the European Medical Devices Directorate as a Class 1 Medical Device
Brush Baby

A soft chewable toothbrush. Designed by a dentist as a chewable toothbrush Brush-Baby uses babies' and young children's natural inclination to chew. Its unique shape fits little mouths correctly and reaches the molar (back) teeth. Soft bristles clean top and bottom teeth while chewed. The toothbrush can be cooled in the fridge to provide relief for aching gums and can be used to apply teething gel if required.

Your Sensory Baby Book

Your Sensory Baby is a book that every new mother needs to have in her home. In it, bestselling author Megan Faure reveals the secrets to the painless routine for happy days and peaceful nights. Bringing a child into this very hectic and demanding life can be terrifying and overwhelming for first time mothers, but with a little help from Your Sensory Baby mothers the world over will learn to read their baby’s body language and signals. For the first time, Megan reveals the four sensory personalities and how these match with a parents' sensory personality.

Snookums Freezer Food Storage Tray

Storage Tray has 8 individual storage tubs (50ml each) with tight sealing individual lids and is ideal for freezing single food portions and excess breast milk. Safe from freezer to microwave and is dishwasher safe. Perfect for home made weaning food.

Snookums Safety Food Feeder

The perfect way to allow your baby to enjoy a range of delicious foods without the risk of choking. Easy grip handle with removable bags.

  • Ideal for first tastes – fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, etc
  • Reduces risk of choking
  • Easy grip handle- doubles as a teether by placing an ice cube in the net

Snookums Snack Pod

Round shaped bowl with soft round-edged flaps which keeps food content secure until they are pulled out of the container through the flexible open top.

  • The Snack Pod encourages self-feeding and is an ideal container to hold bite-size food
  • Prevents food from falling out and creating a mess on floors, car seats, table-tops, etc.
  • Keeps food content secure until they are pulled out of the container through the soft and flexible round edged flap opening.
  • Dishwasher safe, top rack only
MooMoo Crawlies

MooMoo Crawlies are a range of babygrows and dungaree sets with grippy knee pads and footpads (where applicable), especially designed for crawling babies.  Crawling is a very important developmental stage for babies and the tiles and smooth flooring often found in modern homes can be slippery and cold in winter.  The grippy knee and footpads facilitate crawling and cruising on any surfaces. Grippy knee pads, and footpads; Available in sizes 6-12 months and 12-18 months.


Baby dam is the world’s only bath water barrier. A clever new innovation that turns the family bath at home into your baby's own bath in seconds. No mess, no fuss, no spills, just fit it into your family bathtub. Babydam has been made using a secret formula of combined materials that give it its extremely durable yet flexible structure. All materials have been fully safety tested.

Baby Throne

The present mindset and products on the market cater for only toilet training babies when they are well into their toddler years.  Nappy companies have seen their market grow from the under 3's to the under 5's.  This is not necessary - it was only 40 years ago before the invention of the disposable nappy that we were all out of nappies when we were about 18 months old.  The Baby Throne is a toilet training system endorsed by the baby clinics and suitable for ages 4 months (that is as soon as baby can sit up unaided) to about 4 years. It is made from a soft foam material that holds baby safely in a squat position.  There are 3 stages that allow a gentle progression up onto the toilet.

Syon Trading – Toodle Loo

Portable toddler toilet seat.

  • First of its kind in South Africa, as it is the most compact toilet seat when out and about.
  • Folds easily to fit into backpacks and handbags when on the move.
  • Fits over square and round toilets.

Wallies – Wallables

Decorate your child’s room with the next generation of wall décor, 3D! just like the movies, wall décor is going three dimensional with Wallables 3D Wall décor made out of soft, safe and lightweight foam. Our revolutionary FOAM material is made from US grown soybeans so it is eco-friendly. Wallables attach to any flat surface with a Velcro patch and kids love putting their character up and taking then down to play with over and over again. Children’s wall décor will never be the same, add some depth to your wall decorations with Wallables wide range of licensed and private label characters. Wallables are extremely safe and have passed both ASTM and CE toy safety standards to parents can rest assured with Wallables on their wall. Educate and decorate with Wallables 3D Wall Décor.

Sacred Tea

100% certified organic herbal formula which increases breast milk supply in hours and also protects mom and baby’s digestive system from common stomach upsets, indigestions, constipation and gas.

  • Natural, 100% organic herbs
  • Proven alternate solution to conventional drugs
  • Safe for mom and baby with no side effects
  • Increases supply fast
  • No artificial pesticides or toxic additives  

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