Durban - Product Innovation Awards

By: The Baby Expo  11-11-2011

Stokke® Bounce ‘n Sleep

Stokke® Bounce 'n' Sleep is an innovative multi-function bouncer and daybed combination.

The bouncer with its gentle rocking movement is the perfect place to chat, giggle and play. When you need to leave the room, simply pick up the bouncer using the carry handles. The Stokke® Bounce 'n' Sleep bouncer reclines fully and is the only chair of its kind to offer a flat, ergonomic resting position.

Stokke® Tripp Trapp® Newborn Set™

The Tripp Trapp® high chair is designed to fit a child from birth and can be used right into adulthood. Unique adjustability both in depth and height, give any child at any age and size the best support to sit together with the rest of the family at the table.

Stokke Xplory

The Stokke® Xplory® is the stroller that grows with you and your child. The adjustable seat means your baby can face you rather than away from you. This encourages eye contact and feelings of safety, security and unity: it’s the most comfortable position for a baby. Later the seat can be switched to face forwards so your growing child can begin to explore the world. Adjust the footrest downwards as your baby’s legs get longer and alter the seat depth with the padded seat insert to ensure your baby is always sitting comfortably.

Stokke Tripp Trapp

What do you do when your feet don’t reach the floor and you can’t shift your weight when you feel the need?

Well, you can’t move the chair down to the ground, because then your elbows won’t reach the table. So how about moving the floor up to meet your feet? That’s what the Tripp Trapp® does, by providing a stable footrest that supports a child’s feet and allows it to sit at the correct height, its elbows in height with the table, in comfort and security. Then there’s the problem of your upper body not being supported because the back rest is too far away. The Tripp Trapp® chair’s unique depth adjustability solves that one, meaning that no matter how big or small your baby, his or her feet and back can be perfectly supported. Not only does this chair grow with your child, it can adjust to custom fit your child’s body, enabling comfortable and natural ergonomic sitting.


Baby dam is the world’s only bath water barrier. A clever new innovation that turns the family bath at home into your baby's own bath in seconds. No mess, no fuss, no spills, just fit it into your family bathtub. Babydam has been made using a secret formula of combined materials that give it its extremely durable yet flexible structure. All materials have been fully safety tested.

Wallies – Wallables

Decorate your child’s room with the next generation of wall décor, 3D! just like the movies, wall décor is going three dimensional with Wallables 3D Wall décor made out of soft, safe and lightweight foam. Our revolutionary FOAM material is made from US grown soybeans so it is eco-friendly. Wallables attach to any flat surface with a Velcro patch and kids love putting their character up and taking then down to play with over and over again. Children’s wall décor will never be the same, add some depth to your wall decorations with Wallables wide range of licensed and private label characters. Wallables are extremely safe and have passed both ASTM and CE toy safety standards to parents can rest assured with Wallables on their wall. Educate and decorate with Wallables 3D Wall Décor.

BabyJourney - Relaxation for Natural Conception, Relaxation for Calm Pregnancy

Relaxation for Natural Conception and Relaxation for Calm Pregnancy are audio guided visualisation CDs to help women encourage a good hormonal and emotional state on their journey to motherhood. Me! As a result of my diverse training and experience I am able to bring together a number of very gentle, very powerful therapeutic tools that make these CDs very unique.

Mamalicious Signature Top:

The Mamalicous Signature Top allows a mother to breastfeed her baby anywhere, anytime.

  • Dress it up or wear it with a pair of your most comfortable jeans.

  • Our design is one of the easiest systems for breastfeeding in public - the cross-over bodice allows discreet feeding and can be opened one-handed with ease.

  • Front panel can be adjusted to vary the amount of cleavage you want to show, and rouching at midriff.

  • Rouched detail along the sides form soft gathers at the midriff, hiding any residual tummy after baby is born. The gathers also allow you to wear this garment in early to mid-pregnancy.

  • This garment can be worn with any bra style.

BabyGO Teething Toothbrush

A teether that contains tiny little bristles that cleans and massages gums and teeth turning the idea of having your teethed brushed into a natural extension of the baby’s need to chew while teething. The chewing action enables the Toothbrush’s soft bristles to automatically do their work.

Made from 100% food grade silicone, designed with a unique “H” cross-section head allowing for a comfortable fit over the upper and lower teeth and gums.

BabyGO – The Wean Machine

BabyGO Nasal Wipes

Nasal Wipes offer parents with a more child-friendly approach to tackling the runny nose. It contains saline to help dissolve the mucus and is available in Grape, Menthol and unscented. They eliminate the problem of chapping during constant wiping of runny noses.


BabyGO Bottle Warmer

A non-electronic, reusable Bottle Warmer offering parents with an on-the-go solution to warming up their babies bottles. It is reusable, non-electronic bottle warmer that eliminates the need to boil water to heat milk or other food and speeds up the process of meeting a hungry baby’s needs.

BabyGo Bath Seat and Mat

Bath Seat that comes with an accompanying non-slip mat that fits together to make for a comfortable and enjoyable bathing experiences for both parents and child. Comes with a non-slip mat. The mat contains an embedded heat sensitive patch that changes colour when the water temperature goes above 38 ˚ .

Bebe Confort Opal

The NEW Bebe Confort Opal is a Group 0+/1 car seat. For children from 0-18kg (birth until 3.5 years). Rearward facing for babies and forward facing for toddlers. It is available in Total Black, Intense Red and Steel Grey. East to install with a regular 3 point safety belt. The Bebe Confort Opal is ideal for the forward-thinking parent. That’s because this car seat can be used for an extended period to protect your child up to the age of around 4 years old.

Quinny Zapp Xtra

The Quinny Zapp Xtra is a highly manoeuvrable and flexible stroller form birth. It gives you the freedom to take the children along in all day comfort. That’s because the seat if fully adjustable to face the parent or the world and easily reclines during their child’s nap times. It is available in Rocking Black, Rebel Red and Electric Blue. The Quinny Zapp Xtra’s seat unit can be used forward and rearward facing.

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