Avery Dennison Fasteners --fine , barbs and bullets

By: Texpak  11-11-2011

Fine Tag Attaching Tool -

The Fine Fabric™ tool is right for the job when attaching tags to delicate and tightly knit fabrics. Designed to operate with special Fine Fabric™ Needles, expensive garments are safer from holes and snags. The Mark III™ Fine Fabric™ Electric Tool offers high volume tagging operations added speed, comfort, and safety.

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Super Looper from Avery Dennison, V-Tool, 3,4,5 inch loops

The new, highly reliable Avery Dennison V-Tool or Super Looper® Fastening System efficiently applies loop-fastened tags to belts, handbags, wallets, sunglasses, sporting goods, kitchen utensils, appliances - and much more. The tag-holder applicator is designed to apply looped fasteners to smaller diameters, such as the zipper pull on a wallet or purse.