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By: Terblanche Thomas  12-08-2011

With interest rates at 20-year lows, it’s a

’ market. As a

, you have to work a little bit harder to make your property stand out from other properties on the market. The easiest way to do this is to appeal to buyers’ emotions.

I remember how my mom used to bake cookies when I was little. Even now, the aroma of warm-from-the-oven choc chip cookies always makes me feel like a kid again. Some sellers try to recreate this comforting, cosseted feeling by doing things like adding a few drops of vanilla-scented oil in the oven. Others leave coffee percolating when buyers view their properties. Similarly, a bouquet of fresh flowers may be used to evoke nostalgic emotions in potential buyers – especially if yours is a family home.

Flower power

Flowers represent life. They are a great way to breathe some life and colour into a home. A colourful garden outside and flower pots at the entrance and front door go a long way to creating a welcoming first impression. The same applies to a freshly-mown lawn. A neat home and garden provide powerful visual proof to buyers that you took care of the home.

Stage it

Many property professionals suggest that sellers “stage” areas that they want to highlight. If, for example, you have a comfy reading nook, you might leave the lamp on with your favourite book lying on the seat. If you think the dining room is perfect for dinner parties, you could set the table and play some music. Put the cushions on the outdoor furniture, raise the umbrella and switch the pool fountains on.

Cleanliness is godliness

Be careful, though, not to take the personal touches too far. Buyers generally want to be able to see themselves in the home. They do not, however, want to see items that are too personal. Also remember that a clean, neat look always creates a great impression and convey the message that you looked after the home. Ensure that the beds are made and kids’ toys put away.

If your artworks or décor features such as sofas and curtains were specially made for your home, make sure that potential buyers are aware of this fact. Let them know whether or not you are open to including those items in the sale.

Get the word out

Work closely with your property professional to ensure that your property gets exposed to as many potential purchasers as possible. A good marketing plan must include a solid Internet marketing strategy. Further, advertising in local newspapers and yard signs have long been the staple of many property professionals’ marketing efforts. Great property professionals like those at Terblanche Property Solutions will also recommend making a video and floor plan of your property and loading it on websites such as YouTube. Our property professionals will market your property on various social media websites such as


and on our

. Our monthly newsletter that goes out to our large database of clients is one of the most effective ways of reaching the right buyer for your property.

Make it stand out

What is it about your home that makes it so special to you? Maybe you renovated it and want to let potential buyers know that the geysers and gutters are new, or that the security system and gate have battery back-ups, or that the gas bottle for the stove lasts for three months. You could even tell them about the cheapest place to have it refilled. Potential buyers may want to know that the garden is completely indigenous and water-wise.

It’s usually a combination of these touches that closes the deal.

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