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By: Terblanche Thomas  12-08-2011

6-8 Weeks Before the Move.

Confirm the moving date with the removal company and the buyer/seller.

Hire or purchase boxes (if not included in the removal company's price).

Notify your landlord in writing if you are moving out of rented accommodation.

Arrange to visit schools in the new area and inform existing schools of the leaving dates, if appropriate.

4-5 Weeks Before the Move.

Arrange for a final reading on your water & electricity.

Let your employer know what days/dates you will require time off in order to move, or make sure that these days fall over a weekend.

Arrange for storage of your items, if necessary.

Organise with friends/family to come and help with the move on those particular dates/days.

Sort out your belongings and donate the goods you no longer use to a charity or to the SPCA.

Start packing.

3 Weeks Before the Move.

Make sure you have all the new emergency numbers for your new area.

If you are moving far out of town, obtain all necessary records, like medical, dental, school and veterinary records and arrange for transport of your pets and large fragile plants.

Make travel arrangements and reservations.

Schedule disconnection and connectivity of your old and new home's water & electricity, telephone lines.

2 Weeks Before the Move.

Notify the municipality to terminate your water & electricity service on the specified date.

Arrange with the municipality to connect your water & electricity service on the specified date.

Notify your insurance company that you have moved and update your insurance policy.

Change your address details on deliveries to your home, i.e. internet shopping, newspapers.

Arrange with the post office to direct all your mail to your new address.

Change your address details with any rental companies, i.e. M-Net, DSTV, subscriptions, friends and so on.

Arrange for a babysitter for the moving day if you have a young child and a pet-minder for small animals.

Cut the grass as short as possible - you might get away with not doing it again.

Drain any petrol from the lawnmower and clean the braai.

Dismantle any kids play equipment such as swings or jungle gyms and keep all nuts and bolts together in a labelled box or bag.

1 Week Before the Move.

Arrange for transfer of subscriptions.

Defrost and dry refrigerator/freezer (about 3 days before the move).

Pack the box/es of essentials needed for the moving day, labelled: "Last On, First Off".

On the Day of the Move.

Turn off all electrical appliances, i.e. lights, stove, oven, geysers, build-in air conditioners or heaters.

Have you got the keys to your new home with you?


Based on information from Property Power

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