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By: Tempest Fire  11-11-2011
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Tempest Fire services and refurbishes a wide range of fire detection and suppression systems annually or on demand.

From basic fire hydrants, portable fire extinguishers and fire hose reels to sophisticated computer-driven solutions. Our solutions include Hazmat equipment, gas suppression systems and specialized fire fighting vehicles.

Tempest Fire has a fleet of SABS approved mobile workshops on the road to service all your fire fighting needs.

Fire Control Solutions and Services

  • Full design, supply, installation and maintenance of fire protection products:
    • CO2 Extinguishers - Pressure Testing, Filling & Maintenance (Pictures of the CO2 filling facility)
    • Dry Powder Extinguisher - Pressure Testing, Filling & Maintenance
    • Foam Extinguishers - Pressure Testing, Filling & Maintenance
    • CO2 & DCP Trolley units - Pressure Testing, Filling & Maintenance
    • Lay Flat Hoses - Pressure Testing, Rebinding of couplings
    • Hose Reels - Maintenance and flow tests
    • Nozzles - Repairs done
    • Hydrants - Maintenance and pressure tests
    • MAP Powder for extinguishers - from ABC 40% to 90%, BC Type, Purple K and Metal Powders
    • Foam - We keep the worlds leading brands of foam, from Class A to AFFF
    • Hydrex - World class fire fighting technology for Class A type fires. (Imported)
    • Safety Signage - upgrading to SANS 1186-5
    • Breathing Apparatus - Pressure Testing, Certification and refills of 200 & 300 bar cylinders
  • Service and refurbish firefighting equipment annually or when required. Products and technologies recommended for new installations will depend on site conditions and client needs, although a significant percentage of our business is in maintaining "legacy" in systems which we neither designed nor installed.
  • Inspect and check equipment monthly to establish any maintenance needs and to confirm that all staff members understand the system.
  • Full design, supply, installation and maintenance of fire protection systems:
    • Gas systems (Pyroshield, Inergen)
    • Fixed Foam systems
    • In-cabinet Fire Fighting (Pyrogen)
  • Conduct fire surveys and risk assessments, including detailed analyses of existing or proposed fire detection & protection systems and evaluation of potential risks and hazards.
  • Service commercial, industrial and domestic clients.

Other Services Include

  • Accessories and Signage
    • We carry a complete range of accessories and can advise on and supply signage, manual alarm-activation, fire-door access and over-ride and replacement parts.
  • Portable / Fixed systems
    • Fire Extinguishers (CO2, DCP, Foam)
    • Hydrant Valves, Hose reels (All major types and brands supplied)
    • Suppression Systems (Pyro shield gas suppression)
  • Installation of Fire Detection Equipment
    • Intelligent (Integrated) Fire Detection
    • Explosion Control & Suppression
    • Gas, Heat and Smoke detection
    • 'Double-knock' (Heat & Smoke) detection to minimize false alarms
  • Installation of Fire Protection Equipment
    • Alarms: Audio, visual & electronic
    • Radio and Telephone Alerts
    • Link to mainframe or network
    • High Pressure CO2
    • Dry Chemical
    • Alternative Agent Extinguishing Systems
    • High/Low Expansion Foam
  • Tempest Fire Facilities

Keywords: Extinguishers, Fire Extinguishers, fire fighting, Fire Protection, Foam, Gas Suppression, Protection Systems, Suppression Systems