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By: Temenos  11-11-2011

The maintenance and use of a valid methodology is a crucial element in the successful and timely implementation of any software solution..

We constantly enhance our existing methods to ensure that our processes and procedures are transparent, auditable and consistent throughout all projects.

Temenos has assimilated the intellectual capital of our most experienced consultants and capitalised on the company’s experience to produce a structure that divides a project into discrete components, each of which can be managed individually whilst respecting the inherent relationships between them.

Our methods are complemented by a baseline project plan identifying tasks to be completed, best practice recommendations for the parameterisation of the system, detailed guides explaining each of the relevant project stages and effect a fully auditable and automated initial build of the system.

The key benefits for our clients are:

  • Supportability – Full and consistent documentation allows us to reproduce the basic configuration of your system to create support environments.
    Cost Management – Allows project budgeting and control by project stage
  • Auditable – Ability to assess the performance of a project in line with a predefined standard
  • Efficient Projects – New projects can benefit from experiences in past implementations avoiding replication and consequently saving time.
  • Configuration Models - Ability to create corporate, country or regional models for subsequent implementations within your institution, e.g. Branch Rollout of the system.
  • Exception Analysis – With the availability of configuration models, initial build analysis can be performed solely on elements to be changed rather than from “ground-zero”.

Our ultimate aim is to ensure that our implementations are efficient and effective, thus confirming to our client base that TEMENOS T24 is a total solution from inception to closure.

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