By: Telemed Africa  11-11-2011

   Wednesday, 07 September 2011 09:03 Last Updated on Monday, 03 October 2011 10:27

Our Product Offering

The activities of the Telemedicine Africa team in the region have given us a keen understanding of the needs and challenges that are facing many communities. Recognition of this fact is what led to the creation of a division focused on the procurement and provision of medical and crisis intervention products. 

TMA Supply has a unique product offering that was developed specifically to fulfill the requirements of communities in Africa. It is our aim through the provision of key product to improve the lives of communities across Africa. Current products include the following:

• Rapid test kits  (including HIV, TB, Malaria, STD, substances and others)

• LifeStraw personal and family filtration product

• Water purification product

• Youth Health education products

• Rehydration products

• Medical Equipment

Other products and services from Telemed Africa



Traditionally all these cases were simply referred to local hospitals, placing additional pressure on their limited resources and adding to both the cost of care and delays in the provision of care. The significant increase in the prevalence of non-communicable, lifestyle diseases and chronic conditions has led to a growing recognition of the need for improved wellness management.