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By: Techie On Call  11-11-2011
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Custom Software Development


Techie on Call specialises in bespoke and fixed-price custom-built software solutions delivered in a project-centric environment. We have developed a unique, shared-risk approach that guarantees delivery and provides warranties.

Commercial initiatives require a fast, effective time to market. Custom built software is able to focus on essential functionality initially needed for critical tasks. Further functionality can be developed according to a strict priority list.

The iterative, incremental approach inherent in custom built solutions has enormous benefits over big bang or packaged product solutions. New services or products can be taken to market sooner, initial costs can be contained, new and innovative ideas are driven out of the experiences of previous phases, and the technology pay back cycle is faster.

Our shared risk, low ceremony model means it is essential we approach each project in a unique manner.

We develop using the best and latest technologies in the market .

Tailored Solutions


A lot of organisations provide off-the-shelf, generic software solutions, which lend themselves to little customisation, while others develop bespoke software from the ground up. Although there is a place in the market for such solutions, Techie on Call believes in providing tailor-made solutions to clients.

Our first phase with a client is the most critical one, because we are only able to tailor-make the solution if we properly understand their business needs, and this is achieved through extensive analysis of the business processes. Once we have done a business analysis and measured the company's needs, we can also do a very accurate estimation of what a tailor-made solution will cost an organisation, so they know what they're getting and when they'll get it. We already know what works and what doesn't, and Techie on Call has the ability to quickly and skilfully draw all the components together to provide exactly what the client requires because of our experience and skills.

We offer our clients a competitive advantage through our software solutions because the product is designed specifically for them. Many organisations try to customise an off-the-shelf product to suit the business, but this generally only causes more problems than it solves. To stay ahead of the competition, the company's software solution must fit the business, rather than trying to make the business fit around an off-the-shelf package.

Keywords: Business Analysis, Custom Software, Custom Software Development, Software Development, Software Solutions