Product Model Chart and Index

By: Tdk-lambda Americas  11-11-2011
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Current Product Models

Model Prefix Series Name Type Description
AL12 AC-DC 12W LED Drivers, constant current and voltage versions
CA1000, CA1500 AC-DC 1000-1500W, 1-16 Outputs, 2-48V, up to 85A, Configurable
CSS AC-DC 40 to 500W AC-DC Medical and ITE Power Supplies
CPFE AC-DC Single Output Conduction Cooled Power Supplies
  AC-DC 10-1000W, 5-48V, up to 120A, DIN Rail Mount
DLP AC-DC 75-240W, 24V, up to 10A, DIN Rail Mount
DPP AC-DC 15-960W, 5-48V, DIN Rail Mount
DSP AC-DC 7.5W to 100W Low Profile DIN Rail Mount
DT-C AC-DC 62-150W, 12-48V, up to 11.6A, Desktop Adaptor, Energy Star Compliant
EFE AC-DC 300W / 400W, 3 x 5" / 3 x 6" Power Supplies
FPS AC-DC 1000W, 12-48V, 1U Hotswap
GEN AC-DC 750-15,000W Programmable
GWS AC-DC 250 and 500W Single Output Power Supplies
HFE AC-DC 1600W 1U Front End Power Supplies
HK AC-DC 10-150W, 5-24V, up to 30A, 115VAC Input
HWS AC-DC 15-1800W, 2.64-60V, up to 125A, High Reliability
KM AC-DC 15-40W Medical AC-DC PCB-Mount
KPSA AC-DC 5 to 15W AC-DC Board Mount Power Supplies
LS AC-DC 25-200W, 3.3-48V, up to 40A, Low Cost
LWT AC-DC 15-50W, Triple Outputs, 5-24V, up to 8A, Low Profile
LZSA AC-DC 500-1500W, 10-56V, up to 84A, MIL Standard
MTW AC-DC 15-60W, Triple Output Power Supplies
NN AC-DC 15-90W, 5-24V, up to 10A, High Reliability Linear
NV AC-DC 175-960W, 0.9-32V, up to 40A, 1U High, Configurable
PFE AC-DC 300-1000W, 12-48V, High Temperature Power Module
PF AC-DC 500-1500W, AC Input, DC Output Front Ends
RFE AC-DC 1000W 1U Front End Power Supplies
RTW AC-DC 50-300W, 85-265VAC, Single Output Industrial Power Supplies
SC40, SC60,
AC-DC 26-80W, 1-3 Outputs, 3.3-48V, up to 16A, 3"x5" Footprint
SCS120PW AC-DC 120W, 12-24V, up to 10A, Single Output, 3"x5" Footprint
SWS AC-DC 50-1000W, 2.7-66V, up to 200A, Low Cost
TH AC-DC 1200-2500W, 10.5-58V, up to 100A, 1U Hot Swap
TX AC-DC 3750-7500W, 21-56V, up to 150A, 2U Hot Swap
V4, V5, V6, V7, V9 AC-DC 450-900W, 1-10 Outputs, 0.25-62V, up to 114A, Configurable
VSB, VSC, VSP AC-DC 10-150W, 3-52V, up to 30A, 115VAC Input, PCB Style
ZP AC-DC 20-60W, 1-3 Outputs, 3.3-48V, up to 8A, 2"x4" Footprint
ZPSA AC-DC 20W to 100W Single Output AC-DC Power Supplies
ZUP AC-DC 200-800W, 0-120V, up to 132A, Bench or Programmable
ZWS AC-DC 5-240W, 3-52V, up to 30A, PCB Style
ZWD AC-DC 100W to 440W Dual Output Power Supplies
ZWQ AC-DC 80W to 170W Quad Output Power Supplies
ZWX AC-DC 90W to 300W, ATX Convection Cooled
ALD DC-DC LED Driver for LCD backlighting, 1 to 6 strings
CC DC-DC 1.5-30W, 3-30V, 5V to 48V Input, Single and Dual Output
CN DC-DC 30-200W, 5-24V Output, 60-160VDC or 14.4-36VDC Input, DC-DC
DPX DC-DC 40W to 60W DIN Mount Single, Dual & Triple Output
iAA, iAC, iAD DC-DC Non Isolated DC-DC Converters (15-16A)
iBA, iBC, iBD DC-DC Non Isolated DC-DC Converters (7-8A)
iEA DC-DC 66-78W, 3.3-28V Output, 36-75VDC Input, Eighth Brick DC-DC
iHG DC-DC 50-300W Half Brick Converter
iQB DC-DC 33-150W, 3.3-12V Output, 24 to 48VDC Input, Quarter Brick DC-DC
iQE DC-DC 96-204W, 24V to 48VDC Input Quarter Brick Converter
iQG DC-DC 300W, 12V Output, 48VDC Input, Quarter Brick DC-DC
iQL DC-DC 72-308W, 2.5-28V Output, 24-48VDC Input, Quarter Brick DC-DC
iSA DC-DC 36-82.5W, 1.2-12V Output, 36-75VDC Input, Sixteenth Bricks
LEDC10 DC-DC 10W, LED Driver (programmable), Constant current, up to 0.48A, 4.5-20V Input, SIP
PAE DC-DC 50 to 100W, 0.6-12V, up to 30A, 48V Input, Eighth Brick
PAF450, PAF600F280 DC-DC 450-600W, 7.2-57V, up to 50A, 200-400V Input, Full Brick
PAF500, PAF600 DC-DC 500-600W, 2-31V, up to 80A, 24V & 48V Input, Full Brick
PAF700 DC-DC 700W, 7-32V, up to 58A, 48V Input, Full Brick
PAH DC-DC 50-200W, 2.2-57V, up to 35A, 48V Input, Half Brick
PAH75D DC-DC 45-75W, 1.8-5.5V, up to 15A, 24V & 48V, Dual Output Half Brick
PAH200H DC-DC 200W, 1-3.8V, up to 70A, 48V Input, Half Brick
PAH300, PAH450 DC-DC 300-450W, 7-33V, up to 29A, 24V & 48V, Half Brick
PAQ DC-DC 50-100W, 1-5.7V, up to 25A, 48V Input, Quarter Brick
PH-FF DC-DC 50-300W, 2-28V, up to 60A, 24V to 400V Input
PH-SF DC-DC 50-600W, 3-52V, up to 100A, 24V to 400V Input
PV DC-DC 1.3-3W, 3.3-15V, up to 0.6A, 5V to 48V Input, Single & Dual Output SIP
PX DC-DC 10W to 60W; Single, Dual, and Triple Output
V0 DC-DC 450W, 0.25-62V, up to 114A, 48V Input, Configurable to 10 outputs
R Filter 0.5 to 1000A, 250 to 500VAC EMI Filters

Not Recommended for New Designs

Model Prefix Series Name Type Description
CA400, CA600 AC-DC 400-600W, 1-10 Outputs, 2-48V, up to 60A, Configurable
CS250, CSF AC-DC 250W, 1-6 Outputs, 1.8-30V, up to 50A, Configurable
DT AC-DC 27-100W, 5-48V, up to 10A, Desktop Adaptor (New designs please use DT-C)
JWS, JWT AC-DC 50-600W, 1-3 Outputs, 1.8-52V, up to 120A
KS AC-DC 5-15W, 5-15V, up to 3A, PCB Mount (Not recommended for new designs)
KW AC-DC 5-15W, 1-2 Outputs, 5-15V, up to 3A, PCB Mount (Not recommended for new designs)
PR AC-DC 500W, AC Input, DC Output Power Module (Last time buy September 2010)
RKE AC-DC 1200-1536W, 24-48V, up to 50A
RKW AC-DC 30-1500W, 3.3V-48V, up to 375A
RKY AC-DC 1500W, 24-48V, up to 50A, 208VAC 3 phase input
SWT AC-DC 30-100W, Triple Output Power Supplies
TL AC-DC 500-2500W, 10.5-56V, up to 60A, 2U Hot Swap
CCK, CCM, CCN, CCP DC-DC 1.5-10W, 3.3-24V, 5V to 48VDC Inputs, Single & Dual Output, DC-DC
iPB DC-DC 33-41W, 3.3-15V Output, 36-75VDC Input, Pico Brick
  DC-DC P Series Accessories. 50-600W
PAQ65D DC-DC 37-65W, 2.2-5.5V, up to 17A, 48V Input Dual Output Quarter Brick
MAW Filter 0.5A to 5A, 250VAC EMI Filters (Last time December 2014)
MA, MX Filter 6A to 30A, 250VAC EMI Filters (Last time December 2014)
MB Filter 6A to 36A, 250VAC EMI Filters (Last time December 2014)
MBS Filter 30A and 50A, 48VDC EMI Filters (Last time December 2014)
MC12, MZ12 Filter 6A to 30A 250VAC, high noise or high input pulse attenuation. DIN rail and low leakage versions (Last time December 2014)
MC13 Filter 6A to 30A, 500VAC 3 Phase EMI Filters (Last time December 2014)
MX13 Filter 30A to 150A, 3 Phase Servo System Filters (Last time December 2014)
MXB Filter 6A to 30A, 250VAC High Performance EMI Filters (Last time December 2014)
PAN Filter 20A, 48VDC EMI Filters (Last time December 2014)

Obsolete Models (Some of the older products from our 60+ year heritage)

Model Prefix Series Name Type Description
DHP AC-DC 480W Single Output DIN Rail Mount
DRP AC-DC 60 to 960W, 24V Output DIN Rail Mount Power Supplies
EWS AC-DC 15-5000W, 2-48V, up to 300A
FAK AC-DC 25-150W, Dual Outputs, 5-48V, up to 30A, Low Profile
GPE AC-DC Modular Power Supply
H AC-DC 15-115W, 5-28V, up to 12A, Linear
HR AC-DC 20-150W, 2-28V, up to 30A
JFS AC-DC 500-2000W, 24V-48V, up to 83A
LWD AC-DC 15-50W, Dual Outputs, 5-24V, up to 8A, Low Profile
LZS AC-DC 250-1500W, 5-29V, up to 300A, MIL Standard
OMS, OMM AC-DC 200-1500W power supply
SC120 AC-DC 110W, 1-4 Outputs, 3.3-48V, up to 22A, 4"x7" Footprint
SC150 AC-DC 150W, 1-4 Outputs, 1.8-48V, up to 30A, 1U High
SR AC-DC 20-660W, 2V-48V, up to 132A

15-60W, triple output, 115VAC Input, PCB Style power supplies

DSR DC-DC 20-180W, 2-48V, up to 36A, 24V to 110V Input
iFA DC-DC 528-600W Full Brick Converter
iHA DC-DC 72-448W Half Brick Converter
iQA DC-DC 67.5-75W Dual Output Quarter Brick Converter
iQM, iQN, iQP DC-DC 72-300W, 1.2-35V Output, 36-75VDC Input, Quarter Brick DC-DC
PAF400 DC-DC 400W, 1-5V, up to 100A, 200-400V Input, Full Brick
PL DC-DC 10-15A, 0.9-5V, 3V to 13V Input, Non Isolated SIP

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