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By: TBM  11-11-2011

Each installation (site) requires a satellite dish, cabling, TBM Media Player (PC), modem, and a screen (s). The content is scheduled and transmitted via the PAS 7 satellite. TBM has custom-built software that controls the delivery and scheduling. Content can be scheduled per time slot, day part, play order etc. The control of the entire network is done remotely from a central control facility in Illovo, Johannesburg. The server driving each screen is connected back to TBM via the Internet return path. This provides feedback and confirmation of the actual schedule broadcast, as well as being able to alert the control room to any transmission problems at the site. Remote error correction and problem diagnostics are done from the TBM central facility.

TBM provides an on-going content management and network monitoring service and guarantees a minimum service level. All material destined for the screens has to be encoded, scheduled and then transmitted via satellite from TBM’s offices.