Tariff Management

By: Tatis  11-11-2011

·            A Tariff database that contains all historical and current tariff data. This database contains all the data of the WCO harmonized system to subheading level, augmented with the country specific commodity codes, anti-dumping, countervailing, prohibitions and restrictions, permit and license requirements. This information is gathered from various government organizations and integrated into a single database

·            A Tariff lookup and Tariff calculator function that can be deployed in two distinct environments, namely as web services to traders as well as embedded in the TATIScms solution as the tariff calculator and “legal compliance verifier”

·           A management system to manage the administration of Tariff data according to legal and other government requirements, the promulgation of the tariff data in a country’s legal framework and the distribution of tariff data to other government agencies and traders

The key driver for the TATIScms Tariff Management module is to ensure legal compliance to answer questions like – Did the trader provide all the necessary permits for the import, export or transit declaration? Is the VAT calculation correct (is the VAT at all declared)? What about all the other environmental levies? Were they considered correctly? Which other government agency should be involved during post clearance inspections?

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TATIScms Solutions Overview

Traders will be able to submit Customs declarations, view the status of existing declarations and view messages that are automatically sent after each declaration status change during the processing of their declarations. The pages containing the forms for the submission of Customs declarations are complex pages that automatically update, displaying fields that are required depending on prior selections made by the Trader.


Risk Management

The purpose of the TATIScms Risk Assessment module is to process every goods- or cargo declaration through a set of risk filters designed to identify the possible presence of risk, both at declaration and at item level. Findings from risk based control interventions are fed back to the TATIScms Risk Assessment module to improve the effectiveness of risk filters.


TATISc-mod - Customs Modernisation

These services can underpin the implementation of a new customs management system or can serve to diagnose and modernise more specific and specialised areas of customs activity. TATISc-mod is designed to fit around the client’s real needs, and can be tailor made to suit any customs business situation, whether in the developed or the developing world.