Risk Management

By: Tatis  11-11-2011
Keywords: Risk Assessment

The purpose of the TATIScms Risk Assessment module is to process every goods- or cargo declaration through a set of risk filters designed to identify the possible presence of risk, both at declaration and at item level. Core capabilities implemented to achieve this are to :

·           Define risk filter sequencing for risk assessment types (safety and security, fiscal, etc) 

·           Manage the condition parameters for all risk filters indica­tive of risk 

·          Manage complex user definable rules based on all decla­ration fields and available reference data (internally or externally managed) 

·          Define the severity and impact of risk indicators 

·          Manage the nature and priority of control actions indi­cated by a risk filter “hit”

·          Use inspection results to update trader compliance data and filter parameters (e.g. hit rate)   

The associated TATIScms Inspection module manages the control interventions indicated by the risk assessment and their findings. Findings from risk based control interventions are fed back to the TATIScms Risk Assessment module to improve the effectiveness of risk filters.

Keywords: Risk Assessment

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