Low Power Video Series

By: Synopsys  11-11-2011

"Low power" has become as critical to design success as performance, but has proven to be a challenging task for both design and verification engineers. Maybe you already know you need to be doing something, but aren't sure where to start. Or perhaps you hear terms like "power intent" and acronyms like "DVFS", but aren't sure what they represent. This video series will help "demystify" low power, by explaining the concepts, constructs, and methodologies used for employing various advanced low power techniques.

This series begins with some background on the low power problem. Each month we will cover additional topics related to the various aspects of design and verification of advanced low power designs.

About the Presenter
Josefina Hobbs is the Technical Solutions Architect for the Synopsys Eclypse Low Power Solution. She has been in the business of chip design for more than 15 years, and specializes in the application of low power techniques in semiconductor design and verification.

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