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By: Synnovation  11-11-2011

Most important business decisions and problem-solving involve groups of people, and therefore meetings of one kind or another. With the increasing trend towards participative management, more and more people are involved in such meetings. However, for many people, meetings have become a burden - "Too many, too long, too boring, with too little achieved, disrupted by company politics." They feel meetings distract them from getting on with the real work they need and want to do for their organisations. And they feel meetings often aggravate, rather than help to solve, problems.

Yet this need not be so. Using SynNovation-based approaches and facilitation will enable you to have meetings and creative sessions that are both productive and efficient - delivering innovative solutions to issues that need to be addressed, with practical action plans with a high level of buy-in. This could apply to any aspects of business - from short, agenda-type meetings and single problem-solving sessions, to product and service innovation, to strategic planning meetings, break-aways and large conferences. Such effective, truly participative meetings are also essential elements in any change or transformation programme.