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By: Syngenta  11-11-2011
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Suid-Afrika het die boere meer nodig as wat die boere die land nodig het”, aldus mnr. Pien Bester, 2010 se Graanprodusent van die Jaar. Bester was een van die sprekers by ’n Syngenta-geselligheid wat Saterdag (28 Mei) by Loftus Versfeld in Pretoria plaasgevind het. “Ja, julle kan na ander lande toe gaan, maar onthou net, ons eie land het ons nodig”, sê Bester. Hy meen die landbousektor se aandeel in die ekonomie word onderskat, maar “die landbou moet deel wees van die oplossings vir ons land”. Bester het ook ’n boodskap vir jong boere gehad. Hy’t hulle daaraan herinner dat hulle ’n toekoms in Suid-Afrika het, maar dat hulle op hul eie plase verantwoordelikheid moet neem. Bester sê boere moet ook onthou dat dit nie meer oor harder werk gaan nie, maar oor slimmer werk. “En plant in geloof; alles wat jy doen, moet in geloof wees”.

’n Nuwe middel vir die voorkomende bestryding van laatroes by aartappels is nou beskikbaar. (komplimente Landbouweekblad)

Syngenta, ’n Switserse maatskappy, is absoluut toegewy tot die landbou en het tans sowat 26 000 werknemers in meer as 90 lande. Syngenta besit tans vyf navorsingsinstitute, agt aanlegte wat aktiewe bestanddele vervaardig en 18 fabrieke, waarvan een in Suid-Afrika op Brits is. (komplimente Landbouweekblad - bladsy 124 - Bylae in Landbouweekblad 6 Mei 2011) Lees verder..

On 13 November 2010 Syngenta celebrated its 10th anniversary along with 26000 employees and many of its Channel Partners. This is a memorable milestone and it makes it exciting to hear that together with this celebration Syngenta South Africa will be introducing 10 new products (1) as of 2011. (1) New product launches are subject to full registration approval (Ampligo and Prergado MZ)

On 13 November 2010 Syngenta celebrated its 10th anniversary with 26,000 employees over 90 countries and many of its Channel Partners. This memorable milestone celebrates the past and positions Syngenta to deliver further growth in meeting the challenges of bringing plant potential to life. A new product that is expected to have its first sales in December 2010 is Amistar Xtra (R).

On 13th November Syngenta and its Channel partners celebrated its 10th anniversary of bringing plant potential to life. Locally we celebrate our birthday and share it with the agricutural industry by beginning to introduce 10 new products into the market (1). (1) New product launches are dependent on full registration approval (Ampilgo and Pergado MZ)

Mole crickets are highly specialized insects adapted for burrowing through soils. Some species prey on other insects and small invertebrates and other mole crickets feed on plants, primarily their roots. All species damage turf as they burrow just under the turf surface which separates turf roots from soil particles. This can cause the roots to dry rapidly, and lose their ability to take up water and nutrients. This results in crown and top dieback. Mole cricket damage often appears as trails of yellowing and wilting turf, general thinning, soil pushed up in small 3-5 cm mounds, or trails of sand or soil where the turf is thin or absent.

Insects can cause huge damage to newly sown crops. It can lead to crop yield loses as the entire crop can be destroyed or so badly damaged that the genetic potential of the crop is not realised.

Phosphites? Interest in phosphate fungicides and fertilizers for controlling certain turfgrass diseases, primarily Pythium blight is high in the turf industry. Phosphite (H2PO3-) is distinct from phosphate (HPO4-) in that it is not fully oxidized Leaf and Sheath Spot is an Increasing Problem on Ultradwarfs Leaf and sheath spot disease, caused by Rhizoctonia zeae, is increasing in severity on couchgrass and to a lesser extent on seashore paspalum. The disease attacks ultradwarf couchgrass cultivars used on putting greens like ‘Tifeagle’, ‘Champion’, Mini-Verde’ as well as ‘Tifdwarf’ and ‘Tifgreen’.

Keywords: turf

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An emulsifiable concentrate translaminar insecticide / acaricide acting as a stomach and direct contact poison with translaminar action for the control of leaf miners in tomatoes and potatoes, citrus thrips and spider mites on crops as listed.