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By: Symmetric Research  11-11-2011

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ProductUse WithDescriptionPrice
USB4CHAnalog input, DB15 to alligator$37
SER1CH-UA-BANABanana plug with solder tab$7
SER1CH-UA-BANABanana plug to alligator$16
SER1CH-UA-DSUBAnalog input, DB9 to alligator$21
SER1CH-UA-DSUBPower/RS232, DB15 to 2.1mm+DB9$21
SER1CH-UA-1inAnalog input, RA hdr to alligator$21
SER1CH-UA-1inPower/RS232, RA hdr to 2.1mm+DB9$21
VREF-399Banana plug with solder tab$14
VREF-399Banana plug to alligator$16
SER1CH-UA, PARGPSRS232 serial, 6 ft DB9$8
PARxCHParallel, 6 ft DB25$8
USBxCHUSB, 6 ft, type A to type B$8
USBxCHUSB, 3 ft, type A to type B$8
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Other products and services from Symmetric Research


Symmetric Research Data Acquisition Systems

All of our 24 bit resolution systems feature an "A/D per channel" architecture, giving high resolution with exceptionally low crosstalk. SR realtime continuous data acquisition systems provide high resolution, cost effective A/D performance with easy to use PC interfaces. Our A/D's are well separated from the internal digital PC environment and feature their own linear power supplies for quiet operation.


Symmetric Research Precision Test and Measurement Instruments

It has 6 floating outputs at 1 volt intervals, producing positive or negative voltages depending on which output is connected to ground. Test instruments for calibrating and working with high resolution equipment. Our first test instrument is the VREF-399, a precision voltage reference.


Symmetric Research GPS Modules and Antennas

The antennas above have cables terminated for SR products and are programmed with the proper NMEA and PPS characteristics. Our GPS solutions provide both time and location data on an ongoing real time basis as analog data is acquired. Most SR A/D systems are GPS ready and only require a GPS antenna to accurately time stamp their data. Our USBxCH and PAR8CH products guarantee 800 nanosecond timing accuracy.


Symmetric Research Stack Adapter Product Selector

It's followed by a PAR4CH A/D board and has a PAR4CH-PC104-POWER power distribution panel on the bottom. To find out more about standard PC104 products, check our list of PC104 vendors or search the web.


Symmetric Research DSP32C DSP Coprocessor Boards

64 channel, 16 bit multiplexed data acquisition board connecting to DSP. DSP32C coprocessor, half length with DSP32C serial port on back bracket. Half length with 32 bit 12.5 MHz parallel port.