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By: Surfblanks  11-11-2011
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Surfblanks (Pty) Ltd., South Africa, is committed to maintaining the standard, quality and service that it's customers demand. We offer a wide variety of blank sizes, weights, rockers, types and combinations of stringers.

We currently offer Uni Directional Pine, Obeshe and many combinations of T-Ban stringers. We can also offer traditional red wood stringers for classic malibus but these stringers are expensive.

Uni-Directional Pine : This is 3 x 1.5 mm peeled sheets laminated together to make a 4.5mm stringer, very strong and durable but needs sharp tools.

Obeshe : this is the most popular of the stringers as it is easy to shape, light in colour, light in weight and can be glued up to any required thickness.

T-Ban : 3 pieces of 1mm wood laminated together. Meranti on the outsides, and 1mm Obeshe in the centre, giving a red-white-red appearance to the stringer. Easy to work and very strong. This can be reversed to offer a white red white combination. We can offer a wide range of combinations of reversed double stringers and thick 10mm t bans.

Keywords: Traditional Red, Weights,