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By: Supresoft  11-11-2011
Keywords: Information System, Geographic Information, Geographical Information

IMAGIS, a 3D Visualization GIS developed by Supresoft Corp , is a geographical information system based on Digital Orthophoto Map (DOM), Digital Elevation Model (DEM), Digital Line Graphics (DLG) and Digital Raster Graphics (DRG). Combining the techniques of 3D visual reality and virtual reality, the system can manage the objects in a 3D virtual environment, which realizes WYSIWYG in a sense: “ What you see is what you get ” .

IMAGIS is an advanced, integrated visualization geographical information system. It consists of four parts: 3D visualization geographical information system (IMAGIS Classic ), City modeling and visualization system based on professional surveying technique ( IMAGIS MagiXity), a system for efficient 3D image roaming ( IMAGIS 3DBrowser) and 3D scene web distributor (IMAGIS Web3D) . Because of the variety of data sources, data types and huge amount of information, the system adopts both vector data and raster data for data management. The two types of data are independent from each other, and the raster data can also be managed as the attribute information of the vector data to meet various requirements.

Spatial Data Input and Output

Power Plant Planning

  • Quickly reconstruct building based on VirtuoZo, AutoCAD, Arc/Info, and MapGIS etc.
  • Provide powerful geometric entity modeling tools, which enable users create complex entity by some simple graphic elements.
  • Export standard grid data, such as BMP, JPEG, TIFF, and GIF etc.
  • Export 3D scene mix data, such as VRML, 3DS,FLT, DEM, MIF, SHP etc.

2D Graphic Editing

2D Graphic Editing

  • Import data from 2D Geographic Information System automatically. Provide plenty of 2D GIS analysis functions, such as grid vector, 2D vector data editing, image processing, DEM generating , building predefinition.

Spatial Data Editing

MagiXity Module

  • Easy to edit, such as delete, move, copy, and block operation etc.
  • Quickly generate 3D entity according to requirement, paste surface texture and modify color.
  • Provide function of texture edit in real time. 

Attribute Management

Attribute Management (Xiamen City)

  • Define the attributes of 3D entity, edit, query, browse, statistic analysis and extract attribute etc.
  • Complete data table edit function, dynamically change the table structure , add and delete records in the table etc.
  • Search and display the attribute and graphics with linkage between them.
  • ODBC database interface.
  • Automatically calculate building height and area and convert into attribute data.

Keywords: 3D Visualization, Digital Raster Graphics, Elevation Model, Geographic Information, Geographic Information System, Geographical Information, Geographical Information System, Information System,

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IMAGIS, a 3D Visualization GIS developed by Supresoft Corp, is a geographical information system based on Digital Orthophoto Map, Digital Elevation Model, Digital Line Graphics and Digital Raster Graphics. Combining the techniques of 3D visual reality and virtual reality, the system can manage the objects in a 3D virtual environment, which realizes WYSIWYG in a sense:“What you see is what you get”.


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Up to now Supresoft has completed a lot of big projects dealing with spatial data production and engineering projects, especially in digital city establishment, e.g. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Qingdao, and many successful projects in power supply and transmission, water conservancy, military and other areas.


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VirtuoZo is able to process aerial images, close range images, satellite images, IKONOS and QuickBird satellite images, SPOT 5 image and metric digital camera images etc. VirtuoZo has an open data formats, which enables the system exchange data with other mapping, GIS or graphics processing system conveniently.


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Its strong functions include automatic interior orientation, automatic point recognition, automatic point transfer, semi-automatic measurement of control points, multi-interface with variety of block adjustment programs, as well as automatic result clear up.


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Advanced multi-source image matching technology: it can generate and output a large amount of homologous points, provide the efficient method for match result editing and support image matching to the large-scale images in urban area. Provide multiple rectification methods to meet different requirements, including high accuracy rectification based on the facet from the matching result.


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This method is ideal for DEM creation when stereo imagery is not available, or simply when contours and spot heights are the only available source data. The iterative convergence is controlled automatically and all of the temporary data of each iteration is stored in a temporary folder. Features of DEMix DEMix is a software suite allowing the generation of DEM's from digitized contours and spot-heights.