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By: Supresoft  11-11-2011
Keywords: Remote Sensing, Image Processing, Satellite Images

ImageXuite RS ( a remote sensing image processing system) is a professional software with remarkable functions of high automation. ImageXuite RS is mainly used to process remote sensing mages of multi-time, multi-bands or multi-sensors. It is an integrated professional software with digital image processing, remote sensing and computer technology. ImageXuite RS also provides various functions for remote sensing image processing. Users can produce different products based on their practical requirements with the flexible customized workflows. The system can be widely used in national land resource monitoring, land using, resource investigation, environmental monitoring, route layout (electric power, highway and railway), urban change detection, disaster evaluation and the target tracking and camouflage identification in military field.

ImageXuite RS can directly process many kinds of data including common images, satellite images and vector data. It supports multi-sensors and common international coordinates system. In order to conveniently display and process the images, the system manages the images and vector data by layers.

Image Formats Supported

  • Satellites image formats like IKONOS, QuickBird, SPOT (including SPOT 5), TM (including Landsat 7) etc.
  • BMP, TIFF (TIFF Version 6 standard), ENVI hdr and the inner format s of VirtuoZo ( a full digital photogrammetric system developed by Supresoft Corp ,) such as original image format spt , orthoimage formats orl, orr, orm , and many kinds of RAW data formats.
  • Vector data formats like DXF (AutoCAD), E00 (ArcInfo) and MIF (MapInfo).

Most processing modules in ImageXuite RS adopts wizard , it makes the system easy to use and also can greatly improve the work efficiency, especially suitable for mass data processing.

The system provides powerful professional remote sensing image processing functions:

  • Provide multiple rectification methods to meet different requirements, including high accuracy rectification based on the facet from the matching result.
  • The system can rectify the digitized maps in various kinds of coordinates system, both internal and international, to generate the basic materials for other processing.
  • Advanced multi-source image matching technology: it can generate and output a large amount of homologous points, provide the efficient method for match result editing and support image matching to the large-scale images in urban area. Using the high accuracy image-matching algorithm, it can realize fine rectification between different remote sensing images especially for the mountain areas.
  • Provides the function of arbitrary image fusion with high accuracy, such as SPOT with TM or SPOT with IKONOS to simultaneously obtain high spatial resolution and high spectrum information images.
  • Provides the functions of image mosaic both for original images and orthoimages. It can generate seamless mosaic images after dodging, color balance, geometric and automatic color smooth transition.
  • Provide the function of automatic / semi-automatic seamless image mosaic for huge data sets with the advanced algorithm, which improves the working efficiency greatly.
  • Provide some common image processing functions such as image zoom in and zoom out, linear and non-linear enhancement, filter processing, histogram editing and matching and logical operation between images etc.
  • Provides many useful tools, including image format transformation, DEM format transformation and merging, ROI (regions of interest) processing, m ap frame decoration and file parameter editing etc.

Keywords: Image Matching, Image Processing, Remote Sensing, Satellite Images,

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