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By: Superior Filtration  11-11-2011
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Superior Filtration is able to supply numerous other products for the filtration and treatment of water. These are supplied as stand alone units or in conjunction with others as part of a complete liquid filtration turnkey package. If your requirement is for a complete mechanical and electrical package, then look no further.

Gravity Screen Filters

The Gravity Screen Filter (Gravi Filter) was developed for the filtration of water that is not suited to the use of conventional screen or sand filters. Its operation makes it suitable for the filtration of raw water containing large quantities of organic or fibrous material such as is found in the paper industy. Raw water flows onto the screen via a balancing chamber that spreads the water evenly across the width of the screen. This chamber also retains all oversize and heavy particles. The filtered water flows through the screen into a sump directly below from which it is either withdrawn or pumped.

The reciprocating action of the nozzles under the screen spraying upwards through the screen lifts the impurities back into the forward flowing water, whereby it is eventually deposited into a sludge holding tank or similar for disposal.

Moving Bed Sand Filters

The Girosand Moving Bed Sand Filter is a continuously operating sand filter. Availability is maximised by eliminating the need to take the unit out of service for backwashing, the sand being cleaned continuously by means of a simple washing system. There are no storage tanks, pumps or automatic valves; thus operation is straightforward and reliable. The Girosand delivers filtrate of a uniformly high quality and is also designed to purify highly contaminated waters.

Pressure Sand Filters

Sandkleer filters are designed to remove fine suspended solids from drinking, process, cooling and irrigation water. They can be supplied in a wide range of sizes and configurations to cope with specific conditions and flow rates of up to 1500 m³/hr.

A unique control system utilising the proven Kleercontrol (or similar) allows for automatic backwashing. The backwashing cycle can be initiated by pressure differential, by a timer, an external command or manually. Sandkleers can be manufactured to sound engineering practice or a particular code requirement with surface finish to suit the particular application.


A range of conical bottom Clarifiers with either concrete shell with steel internals, or fully steel construction, depending on diameter are available in sizes to compliment our range of AGF Autonomous Valveless Gravity Sand Filters.

There is a standard range of units of 6m³/hr to 120m³/hr. Larger or smaller units can be built. The clarifier has no moving parts and utilises gravity to effect a solids/liquid separation. The clarifiers are of a fairly conventional hopper bottom design incorporating sludge recirculation which is induced by a venturi which also reduces chemical consumption. This means that ultra fine suspended solids can be treated with a coagulant and will be given time to form flocs and settle out as sludge. Desludging is carried out either manually or automatically.

Drum Filters/Microstrainers

The Drum Filter/Microstrainer is used in a number of differing applications from coarse straining of intake water to fine straining of final effluents.

This mechanical screening filter works on the basis of a slowly revolving drum accepting the flow internally and then periodically or continuously backwashing the accumulated solids to waste via a collection hopper.

Drum Filters/Microstrainers are used worldwide with many units in operation on a number of differing applications within various industries including municipal for intake and effluent, paper for intake, process and effluent, fish farming for recirculation, food for intake, process and effluent and power for scrubber cleaning to name but a few.

A number of different sized units are available for varying flowrates with the capacity of a single unit dependant on the screen micron size selected and the solids loadings. For higher flowrates several units can run together in parallel.

Static Run Down Screens

Static J Screens are solid liquid separation units that are self-cleaning with no moving parts. They are used primarily on industrial effluent plants for initial screening and for product dewatering/fines extraction in the processing and allied industries. They find a particular use in the food and allied industries where there is a requirement to remove heavy solids from an effluent stream.

They are maintenance free except for the occasional hose down with screen sizes to suit a particular application. The units can be fed either by a pumped flow or gravity and can easily be installed into existing systems. They are installed in an elevated position normally on a support frame with suitable space underneath to house a solids receiving receptacle. The particulate matter that is captured on the J shaped screen slowly moves forward on this as the solids build up with the incoming flow until eventually they reach the edge of the screen and then fall off into a suitable receiving receptacle such as a skip for subsequent disposal.

Manual Basket Strainers

We are able to offer a range of Mono Strainers, Duplex Strainers, Temporary Strainers Y and T Strainers and Pressure Vessel Filtration.

Turnkey Projects & Systems

Superior Filtration can supply a full Turnkey Service based around its products. This is especially applicable to the AGF Autonomous Valveless Gravity Sand Filters which often require more then just an installation into a pipeline depending on the nature of the application. If being used on side-stream filtration of a cooling water system then normally it is sufficient for the filter alone to be supplied and then use the pressure in the cooling circuit to feed the filter with the filtrate returning to the cooling tower pond.

Alternatively a low lift pump can be used to feed direct from the cooling tower pond with a return to the other side of the pond. For other applications such as process, drinking water or tertiary treatment it is often necessary for other equipment to be utilised as well and the company has experience of supplying and installing many such systems in the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Mali West Africa and South Africa. Some projects undertaken have included the supply of containerised dosing systems and pumps, UV systems etc.

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Superior Filtration - Water Filtration and Purification Technology Specialists - filter strainers

It uses a unique integral backwash system that utilises a simple backwards and forwards shuttle movement to effect backwashing and with no spinning or rotating parts this ensures minimal wear and low maintenance.When required it is simple and easy to maintain regardless of size. Regardless of whether the source of water is ground, sea, final effluent or certain liquids, the Kleerflo is designed to remove suspended solids from them.


Superior Filtration - Water Filtration and Purification Technology Specialists - gravity sand filters

The backwash function of the AGF is self-initiated and only backwashes itself when necessary, using a pre-stored volume of already filtered water, on the loss of head principle and therefore, the backwash occurs precisely when it is needed at any time.