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By: Superior Filtration  11-11-2011
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The removal of contaminants from water systems to provide clean water is critical for a number of purposes including:

  • Cooling systems
  • Process and plant supply
  • Drinking water
  • Final effluents

Are you unhappy with traditional methods of sand filtration such as pressure and moving bed filters that have high levels of automation or require operator involvement and are often unreliable and difficult to manage? Is your maintenance on these a headache?

Do you require new or replacement sand filters?

Clean up your systems with one of the simplest sand filters on the market capable of meeting this challenge - the Autonomous Gravity Sand Filter (AGF). Once installed the system has virtually no running costs. It is completely automatic and totally self-contained and operates with no instrumentation, backwash pumps or similar.

The backwash function of the AGF is self-initiated and only backwashes itself when necessary, using a pre-stored volume of already filtered water, on the loss of head principle and therefore, the backwash occurs precisely when it is needed at any time.

These filters are renowned for working for long periods without needing any operation or maintenance whatsoever. Filtration in the AGF filter is also excellent since conservative ratings are used together with a uniform backwash rate and volume ensuring that the sand bed being is maintained in optimum condition.

Keywords: Filters, Plant Supply, Sand Filter, Sand Filters

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