Photo Luminescent Materials | PLM | Glow in the Dark or Luminous Material

By: Sunfor  11-11-2011

When describing Photo Luminescent Materials, the familiar terms "Glow in the Dark" or "Luminous" is the simplest to remember with the best functional description. Photo Luminescent Materials are specifically manufactured to absorb and store light and to release the accumulated source back into a dark environment. In the presence of natural, incandescent or fluorescent light, PLM becomes fully charged in minutes. When the lights go out, the material glows for hours providing directional guidance for people evacuating buildings in the dark, marking low lit areas or even brightening up areas of interest.
Photo Luminescent Materials have life saving safety benefits. Photo Luminescent Materials and Luminous Material systems deserve the earnest consideration of all Building Owners, Facility Managers, Fire Marshalls, Safety Inspectors, Architects, legislation and enforcement of safety provisions.

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