By: Summerpools  11-11-2011
Keywords: Pool, Fibre Glass, marble plaster


When fibre glass lining your pool we use only the best Isothalic resins, best quality fibre matt and tissue matt for a water tight seal and a finish which is unaffected by warm water. We offer a full 2 year guarentee on our fibre glass linings. You can choose any colour for fibre glass lining, but we strongly recommend using sky blue, white or any lighter shades as we cannot guarentee discolouration of darker colours.


For a more natural look marble plaster is a good option. There is the normal marble plaster or the high quality CEMCRETE product. Marble plaster also comes in a range of colours with the most common being white or charcoal. We offer a full 2 year guarentee on marble plaster keeping in mind that it is a cement product and will give a mottled effect finish. Marble plaster comes with a mosaic band of your choice.


This is really a case of you pick it and we’ll stick it. We offer a tissue mosaic which is a tissue matt with a tile like print on it ( for fibre glass and fibre glass lined pools only). There is also the ceramic mosaic tile where you are really spoilt for choice basically ranging from just plain blue to glass etc. If your pool surround is tile, slate or anything of that nature you could use that as mosaic band and with our skills we know just how to apply it so that it stays and will not leak.


We work with a lot of REVELSTONE product as it is the alternative to real stone, supplied in a wide range of shapes, colours and very reasonably priced. However we also do travetine, marble, slate or just your regular brick paving. Cladding is also one of our specialities which could really facelift an outside surround.


Keywords: Fibre Glass, marble plaster, Pool, Water Tight Seal

Other products and services from Summerpools


Cleaning Contracts

They are also trained & equiped for minor repairs, but in the event of serious problems you will be notified of the problem and any costs involved and the maintenance team will get called in immediately to begin repairs. After a few visits the cleaning staff get to know your pool and it becomes easy for them to spot problems before they get serious.


Automatic Pool Cleaners

However the Kreepy Krauly HUG BUG is the best option if you stay in a flat or complex as it works with gears and not a diaphram system making it ultra quiet. We will however supply you with the best pool cleaner for your specific needs and in future will be able to repair it with no problems. We prefer to supply the BARACUDA product as it is a breeze to fix and very efficient.


Underwater Repairs

This will resolve the problem, keeping in mind that repairs under water are limited and are a patch repair, however we will try our best to match the colour as close as possible.



Our maintenance staff are very skilled in finding where your pool is leaking whether it be a leak on a pipeline or on your pool shell. We will find the leak and repair it… Guaranteed.