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With the information of Student Radio Network (SRN), some questions come up about the value of radio advertising and its purpose. So why, indeed, should people use radio as a medium to advertise?

  • We are a time poor generation - Today's consumer is a moving target. The increased pace of life means everyone is busy. Time is the most precious commodity. Radio, the portable medium is right there with your customers, be it in the car, at home or at a desk.

  • Radio is accessible - Unlike other mediums, you can listen while doing other things.

  • Radio creates theatre of the mind - Radio uses theatre of mind to paint a picture or excite an emotion about the advertised product. Radio stretches the imagination. The listener becomes mentally involved in picturing the benefits of the product.

  • Loyalty - People personally choose the radio station that they want to listen to and therefore tend to be very loyal to their station, not program loyal, and hence listen for long periods. Ask anyone what radio station they listen to and without hesitation they will list the one.

  • Radio is intrusive - With radio you can't flip the page, you can't press fast forward as you can with a PVR you listen in real time which means your ad always gets heard. Radio is accessible to virtually everyone all of the time, with little or no effort.

  • Radio is flexible - Radio can create awarenessand build a market presence, generate store traffic. Tailor made an event and trigger call to action response.

  • Radio is intimate - Radio is a warm, involving medium where the listener feels they are part of the action not just an observer. It is a very personal relationship where the listeners get to know their favourite radio personalities extremely well. Radio provides more than information and entertainment, it becomes a companion - like an old friendand because of this messages come accross in a similar way to a 'word-of-mouth' recommendation.
  • National reach - Student Radio Network is a nationwide network of the country's leading varsity radio stations.

  • National network of 15 Varity based community radio stations - The concept of Student Radio Network is to reach the 16-29 market on a national basis across a network of 15 stations with an average of 500, 000 listeners.

  • One stop simple purchase and implementation process - with a single buy and point of contact. We place the ads and ensure that they are run to schedule.

  • Evolved - There is no doubt that varsity radio stations have eveolved enormously in recent times from being the background in the cafeteria to advanced, well rum community based radio stations, registered with ICASA and having professional station managers, staff and on air presenters.

  • Surrounding Metropolitan areas - with having an ICASA license these stations broadcast on an fm frequency to an audience that not only attends the varsity but also have enormous reach into their surrounding metropolitan areas.
There are 15 varsity radio stations that includes:
  1. Bay FM (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)
  2. Uni FM (Cape Peninsula University of Technology)
  3. Kovsie FM (University of the Free State)
  4. MFM (University of Stellenbosch)
  5. Puk FM (University of the North West)
  6. Radio Turf (University of Limpopo)
  7. RMR (Rhodes University)
  8. Tuks FM (University of Pretoria)
  9. UCT Radio (University of Cape Town)
  10. UKZN Radio(University of Kwazulu Natal)
  11. UJFM (University of Johannesburg)
  12. VOW FM (University of the Witwatersrand)
  13. VUT FM (Vaal University of Technology)
  14. TUT FM (Tshwane University of Technology)
  15. Tshwane FM (Tshwane University of Technology)

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Keywords: Advertising, Radio Advertising, Radio Network