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By: Stuck Graphics  11-11-2011
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Vehicle Branding
What could your vehicle say about your business?
You drive to work, commute through traffic, stop at the shop for refreshments, park outside your office, take care of deliveries and run some errands during the day, finally, you drive home in the evening. How many people did you pass today? All potential customers, but did they notice you?

Get that advertising advantage and brand your vehicle! Cover your car with a compelling, eye catching design that sends a message to those that see you. Trust me…you cant not read what is written on a car - human nature, human nature at its best.

Vehicle wrapping is now being recognized as an extremely cost effective and unique form of outdoor media for all sizes of businesses and company promotions. Many companies are finding out that vehicle advertising wraps and full colour fleet and car graphics are a great way to reach new and existing customers. Compared to other forms of media, wraps are extremely cost effective and generate millions of impressions each year.

An innovative method of advertising a business by creating a moving billboard on a vehicle, vehicle wraps provide companies with a method of advertising on cars in three dimensional form, providing an extremely high retention rate among those who see the vehicle.

Vehicle wrap advertising uses semi-permanent graphics that can be removed without harm to the paintwork and can be used on cars, vans, trucks, fleet vehicles, buses, trains and even aircrafts, in fact anything on wheels or that has an exterior shell.

Many customers with vehicle wraps take advantage of their advertising in areas that normally would be very expensive if gone the traditional advertising route. Booking advertising at such venues as trade shows, sports events, concerts and grand openings may need to be done well in advance and rates may be very expensive, this is ideal for your wrapped vehicle, simply drive around or park in a "not so inconspicuous" spot.
Further advantage is it is unlike like print, radio, or television. It cannot be switched off and the channel cannot be changed. It is in your face and the person in the car next to you, behind you and quite possibly in front of you will look.


  • One time fee for production
  • No monthly rental charges
  • No large contracts
  • Vehicle tax write off
  • Brand Awareness
  • Calls that you receive for business


  • You have to watch your driving
  • People will look at you, as well as people approaching you

Magnetic Signs
There is even an option for the "commitment phobic" crowd. An easy DIY sign, stick it and let it be seen, remove it - in just a few seconds. Something not permanent and can be used over and over. Something that can be seen, but nothing permanant.

Exhibition vinyl lettering and numbers, Acrylic Signs, General Signage, Safety signs, Self Adhesive vinyl labels
Sign that communicate to thousands of people making their way through concession areas, retail kiosks, restrooms and seating beg for design sensitivity.
Huge signs can be overbearing and overlooked while small signs can be picked out in a crowd even when you are distracted by noise or traffic. It's not about dressing the sign up to look pretty; it's about making the sign sight specific

Listed below are some other concepts and services STUCK Graphics offer:
Container marking
Sand blasting
The effect of sand blasting, with none of the mess and the option to change at anytime - just pull off and replace. It's as permanent as you want it to be.
Product Launches
Light boxes

Keywords: Advertising, car, Car Graphics, Vehicle, Vehicle Wraps

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