Flexibility and stretching exercises

By: Strength & Mind  11-11-2011

Our bodies are all asymmetrical to some degree, and some a lot more than others. Lengthening our tendons and muscles is a necessity to alleviate other muscles shortening and therefore preventing long term damage that more than often ends up in an operation that could have been prevented.

Get educated and follow a few stretches that you have learnt and hold them for 30 seconds at a time. Do not stretch when your muscles are cold and do ask questions when you have an injury so you can rectify something you may be doing incorrectly.

As I have stressed, knowledge is the tool and application is the spadework. Start today with what is going to be a base to work from and never let up!!!

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Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor - Noeleen Bridle

Anyone wishing to embark on a fitness regime, health kick, weight loss programme or wanting to gain mass needs to follow the initial guidelines to get them there. Whatever your aim, you need to get cardiovascularly fit and then introduce your resistance work to this.