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By: Strattice  11-11-2011


OUR privilege is a chance to change the world, ONE PRODUCT AT A TIME.  OUR reward is to know WE have succeeded.

"At Strattice, we see the potential for technology to revolutionise and evolve businesses. We understand that good product design is about producing relevant, functional and user-friendly solutions. Most importantly, we are committed to ensuring work of the highest calibre - and are continually looking for innovative ways of delivering high-tech excellence to our clients." Janine Hutton, MD

Strattice is gearing up to become a formidable force in South Africa as a leading Telco development company, blazing a clear path towards developing smart devices for future networks.

design. usability. branding.

Strattice provides the highest levels of security simplicity, flexibility, quality and affordability while also offering customization. Strattice is a technology incubator that doesn’t just “re-package” products that already exist in the market, but instead commercializes new, innovative high-tech solutions that offer clear business relevance.  Strattice’s main field of business is designing and developing communication technologies for both fixed and wireless broadband networks.  

"We're already seeing tremendous social and economic benefits from the cell-phone infrastructure that's being deployed across Africa, but at the moment that infrastructure is not matched by a corresponding deployment of broadband infrastructure.  It appears that governments and businesses are understating the importance of this infrastructure in allowing people to become economically active.  In the same way that the highways and railways allow much more efficient trade across much greater distances  -  so do the internet and broadband act as huge enablers of peoples potential (= economic growth)." Mark Shuttleworth

The WiPoD's key point of difference is in remotely managing fixed or wireless broadband connections well as delivering much needed business services to remote branches / communities by utilizing existing cell-phone infrastructure!

Strattice’s design and development strategy includes, but is not exclusive to, the below illusttration.  WiMax is also fast becoming a focus of the company's development roadmap.

Product Synergy

Areas of expertise

Our solutions make full economic, technological and long term supportable sense

  • Optimising Internet access (fixed-line or wireless broadband) 
  • Real-time connectivity management and reporting
  • Remote management and support
  • RFID Asset identification, management & tracking
  • Total network solutions (redundancy across multiple communication layers)

Strattice offers a unique range of specialised skills / services, designing custom solutions and offering management and support for all their products.

Specialist Software skills 

  • Proprietary back-end software for remote end-device management
  • In-depth capabilities in the following programming languages: Linux, PHP, C, C++, Java & Delphi
  • Extensive experience in building both web applications
  • Real-time business reporting / management tools

Specialist Hardware skills

  • Design, development and manufacturing capabilities, delivering products that are technically credible, unique and affordable
  • Providing unique, robust technology solutions that are easy to install, use and manage
  • Ubiquitous networks (eg. GSM, RFID, WiMax) as ecosystems that deliver real-time services and information
  • Strattice technology solutions focus on communication and networking fields
  • On-hand team of engineers can solve any technological problems that customers might have

All Strattice products comply with standard regulations and adhere to the highest standards of technical excellence with emphasis on forwarding value onto customers.