Volar Distal Radius Plate Fixed Angle | Products

By: Stratmed  11-11-2011
Keywords: Wedge Screws

The Volar Fixed Angle plate is part of the Total Wrist Fixation System from TriMed.  This system includes the unique fragment specific options, wedge screws as well as a volar variable angle bearing plate.  Locking mechanism is thread on thread between plate and screw, with no chance of cold welding as the material is stainless steel.  Two options for drill guides: Quick Guide or screw on Peg Guide with Peg Extender.  

Anatomically shaped plate designed to be placed along the radial border of the radial shaft and below the watershed line.  Screws angulated to give subchondral and radial styloid support.  

System contains the unique zebra K-wires

Keywords: Wedge Screws

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Volar Distal Radius Plate Variable Angle | Products

The variable angle screws gives the surgeon the flexibility to place distal screws within a wide range of insertion angles and then lock each peg into the desired position. The unique wedge screws are available in 4 and 6mm and they provide set volar angulation depending on which proximal screw hole is utilized. This system also includes the unique fragment specific options, wedge screws as well as a volar fixed angle plate.


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This implant is indicated as a temporary implant to aid in the healing of long diaphysis fractures, osteotomies, malunions and nonunions and to prevent further fractures in femur, tibia and humerus in pediatric, small statured or patients with limb length discrepancy. The Fassier-Duval Telescopic Intramedullary System is a new rod designed for patients suffering from Osteogenesis Imperfecta, skeletal displasia and other bone deformities.