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By: Sth Solar  11-11-2011
Keywords: Heating, solar power

An STH collector consists of a mounting frame, a manifold and a internal heat exchanger. STH collectors are available in flat roof and sloping roof configurations, and come in 150L and 200L sizes. They can be used in many different configurations and applications, for instance for a 300L system two 150L collectors are used together. Larger applications can consist of many collectors used together, and are custom designed to application requirements. Please note: Pricing on conversion systems might vary, should the distance between the existing geyser and the solar collector be bigger than 5 metres. STH have design a new patented collector, that is manufactured in RSA. With the advantages of 3 solar collectors, as well as new resin and fibre technology, combined is a reliable module that can be used for different applications from small to big installations. The unit is very light weight, due to low metal content, therefore ideal for roof structures. Documentation: (Excel File)
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Solar Power

Solar collectors:
Solar Heating Applications:
· Geysers
· Swimming pools
· Under floor heating
· Airconditioning
(Hot or Cold)
· Agriculture (Green   house, Soil heating, Fish   farms, Chicken Farms
· Large Applications
Hospitality institutes,
Gyms, Sport Complexes,
Medical Centres &
· Conversion of old   systems

Keywords: Heating, solar power

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