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By: Sth Solar  11-11-2011
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Water heating systems are based on the principle of heat pump technology, which reclaims heat from the environment and transfers it via water heat exchangers, for use when it is required. Unlike solar heating, heat-pump water heating systems supply constant on demand water up to 60°C. They do not require hot sunny ambient temperature conditions to operate effectively.

Electric geysers have a COP (co-efficiency of performance) of 1:1, for example, for every 1 kilowatt of energy used, 1 kilowatt of energy is produced whereas the output generated by a heat pump can exceed four and a half times the input, ie a COP of 4.5

Two additional and unique advantages of an water heating system is that it costs 75% less to operate than an electric geyser, and some models offer air conditioning as well as water heating. The range includes models to suite all applications from domestic to commercial to industrial. Wherever hot water is required, we can provide it efficiently and economically.

Small Capacity Water Heater
This quiet, compact, self-contained unit is ideal for indoor installation in residential and light commercial applications.

Medium range commercial water heater
This weather proof, self contained cabinet is ideal for outdoor installation in small and medium commercial applications.

  • COP exceed 3.85
  • Operating range from minus 7°C to plus 43°C ambient conditions.
  • Hot water outlet adjustable between 48°C and 60°C
  • Can be used for hot water supply to geyser / storage tank or heating eg. underfloor heating or radiators.
  • Fitted with water pump and tank.
  • Can be fitted with air conditioning recovery. This a/c recovery is specific to the AK range of water heaters.

Commercial Industrial Water heating System

  • COP values exceed 4.
  • Can be used for instant hot water on demand or for hot water supply to geyser/storage tank.
  • Supplied with digital self-diagnostic integrated controller.
  • Up to 16 modular units can be installed "in series" to match all capacity requirements.
  • Safety elements include high and low pressure protection, compressor overload, start-up delaym water pressure and water temperature gauges.

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Keywords: Water Heating

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