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By: Stg Aerospace  11-11-2011


SafTGlo offers a reliable low-cost alternative to electrical floorpath marking. SafTGlo systems consist of continuous strips of photoluminescent material that absorb light and, in darkness, emit the stored energy as highly visible green light for up to 16 hours. These PL strips are housed in hard-coated polycarbonate sleeves for maximum protection. The system is non-powered, needs no bulbs, no wires, no batteries and is 100% failsafe - "if it's there, it works". SafTGlo systems are non-toxic and non-radioactive.

SafTGlo systems are available in up to 300 colours and our new PatternMatch system will even match the pattern of your carpet.

SafTGlo SGK 4000

- Completely sealed PL floorpath marking system
- Only 18mmwide!
- Up to 300 colour options to match any cabin decor
- PatternMatch can match your carpet pattern
- Scratch-resistant coating; robust reliable design
- Protected by two patents; only available from STG

SafTGlo SGK 3000

- The original sealed PL floorpath marking system
- No risk of fluid ingress and only available from STG
- Up to 300 colour options
Same reliable performance as ColorMatch
- Patented design

SafTGlo SGK 5000
ColorMatch LP

- Sealed galley system
- Specially designed for galley and non-textile flooring
- Only 2.25mmdeep!
- Hardwearing, reliable design
- Unlicensed, patented design

SafTGlo SGK 6000
ColorMatch OC

- Designed to make installation easier and less costly
- Unique 'HingedWing' design grips and hides unbound carpet edges
- Reversible track offers refurbishment solution
- Enables close fitting to cabin features
- Drainage channels mean no fluid entrapment