re-usable, environmentally friendly solution to babies nappies in South Africa

By: Stegi Econappy  11-11-2011

Stegi EcoNappies has decided to add a number of complimentary products to its website to help you find natural, non-toxic and organic products that can easily be used with the Stegi EcoNappies product range.


GNLD’s range of homecare products has been developed according to their philosophy of “low dose = low burden”. Their scientists have created high-performance, highly concentrated cleaning formulas to effectively accomplish every task with a much smaller dose than their mass-market equivalents. The result is a long-term reduction in your personal consumption of cleaning materials and the amount of environmental waste and refuse generated.

Users of Stegi EcoNappies often wish to use as benign washing products on the nappies as possible to protect their baby’s skin from allergies, as well as to limit the amount of chemicals their baby is exposed to.

Stegi EcoNappies therefore endorses the following GNLD products for soaking and washing Stegi EcoNappies:

Care is a highly concentrated non-abrasive liquid disinfectant that destroys a wide range of germs. The uses of Care can extend to sanitising hand basins and disinfecting toilets and drains, as well as soaking nappies and disinfecting nappy buckets.

G1 Laundry is a concentrated biodegradable laundry compound, safe for use on all washable fabrics. Special features include effective low temperature washing in hard or soft water, colour safe oxygen bleach to remove severe stains and free rinsing cleanness. It is so concentrated that you could expect the 2kg pack to last up to 3 months!