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By: Steelrode  11-11-2011
Keywords: Steel Service

Innovative, cutting-edge advancements in leading technology have been met by the introduction of our Samco steel rollformer. It has been developed and manufactured with samplings of the latest in technology to create the very highest levels of quality, cold-formed sections. Our rollformer was the very first in South Africa, as it produced a full range of lipped channels on a single mill, drastically improving on delivery time. Besides the full range of lipped channel sections, our rollformer can also create a wide variety of open sections. These in turn can be customised to your exact specifications.

What else does the Samco rollformer offer? An in-line punching system is one great feature, (a punch anywhere Quad Head system) and also it offers a range of round or even slotted holes. For customised punching, a second inline 40ton hydraulic press has been made available, giving no end to customisation options. As an additional feature of this effective punching system, it will also accept auto-programming from your specific AutoCAD drawings. Inline hard stamping and inkjet marking capabilities are yet another impressive and highly cost-effective devise that our miracle machine markets to our client.

As one of the leading steel service centres in South Africa we don't only provide our customers with quality cut to length and slitting services, but we also provide a wide range of material qualities in bulk. Please contact our sales department for specific requirements regarding the press line and any other products.

Keywords: Steel Service