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By: Starkstrom  11-11-2011

Starkstrom introduces a brand new, high performance operating table to the UK market: the Scandia.  

The Scandia is a high specification operating table, configurable for any kind of surgery. It is designed to meet the demands of the modern operating theatre for a truly multidisciplinary operating table. It has a high patient weight capacity (350Kg) and is fully electro-hydraulically powered.

Compare these key features:

  • The Scandia has a Maximum Patient Weight Capacity of 350Kg (55 Stones) which makes it ideal for bariatric surgery especially when used in conjunction with our table width extenders and heavy duty accessories.
  • It has a 6 Section Modular Table Top. The lightweight sections are easy to interchange due to their simple locking mechanism, allowing for precise configuration of the table to match patient and user needs.
  • The optional 300mm Powered Longitudinal Traverse makes patient positioning even easier.
  • The Scandia comes complete with unique double layer Memory Foam, Latex Free Mattresses for complete patient comfort and safety.
  • It has 3 Twin Castors making the Scandia highly manoeuvrable. This can be augmented by a 4th Guide Wheel to aid steering or a Powered 4th Wheel for easy patient transfers.
  • The Scandia’s 4 Hydraulic Floor Locks make it extremely stable, particularly during the more demanding surgeries.
  • Full Electro-Hydraulic Control of All Major Movements (Height, Trendelenburg, Back Section, Leg Section, Lateral Tilt, Longitudinal Traverse and Power Drive) makes the Scandia easy and safe to configure and use.
  • With No Cross Bars and Radiolucent along its entire length, the Scandia is ideal for procedures requiring C-arm access.
  • A Bluetooth Wireless Hand Controller is optional providing reliable, wire-free control of all table movements.
  • The Scandia is complemented by a Comprehensive Range of Accessories for all surgical disciplines including Lithotomy, Shoulder Surgery, Urology, Spinal, ENT, Ophthalmic and Elective Orthopaedic.
  • Developed and manufactured in Finland by a company with 25 Years' Experience of table manufacture (and over 2,000 operating table sales), backed by a Two Year Warranty and by Starkstrom’s Network of Highly Trained Service Engineers the Scandia is a table you can trust.

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