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By: Starkstrom  11-11-2011

Starkstrom introduces the theatreView audiovisual (AV) system, a bespoke media distribution solution, capable of broadcasting live images, both Standard Definition (SD) & High Definition (HD), and audio, whilst allowing two way communication between the facility, commonly an operating theatre, and lecture hall.

theatreView utilises the hospital’s network without disrupting existing network services, providing a cost effective, less intrusive alternative to a traditional, dedicated hardwired solution.

These solutions provide High Definition images which can be stored for teaching and legal purposes.

Using the hospital’s existing network means that the broadcast can be picked up anywhere in the world where there is a LAN port available, giving the system tremendous flexibility. It allows, for instance, for an archiving facility (for teaching or legal purposes) to be incorporated or for a senior member of staff to monitor a junior’s progress from their office. It also means that the system is future proofed against the development of new lecture facilities or requirements to broadcast from new locations.

Starkstrom’s simple yet effective theatreView AV system can accept any number of inputs ranging across laparoscopes, cameras built in to the operating lights, room view cameras, with pan tilt zoom (PTZ) capability, image intensifiers, patient monitors as well as the hospital’s PACS system.

Each theatreView solution is individually tailored to the customer’s requirements. This could be based on a unit permanently located within the operating theatre; however, more frequently it is a mobile unit that can be moved from theatre to theatre for complete flexibility. The solution can include operating lights with integrated cameras, flat screen monitors either ceiling suspended in combination with the operating lights or wall mounted, a room camera (PTZ), 2-way audio communication between operating theatre and lecture facility, archiving capability and projection equipment.

Starkstrom’s solutions eliminate the need for the additional cabling used in the traditional fixed cable AV systems. We can also provide the flexibility to use the system in various locations without any major cabling. 

Starkstrom’s highly qualified engineers will work closely with the customer to find the optimal solution. These range from simple AV systems to sophisticated multi-location media solutions.

theatreView is a proven system with units in use around the UK including Manchester Joint Hospitals, The Royal Glamorgan Hospital, and The Royal Veterinary College, Hatfield

Starkstrom’s theatreView system offers a total integrated solution.  All of our products are designed to communicate with each other seamlessly, and can be complimented by our unique REMOS remote monitoring system for complete peace of mind.

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