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Middle OctoberEnd March - early AprilGranny Smith, Rosy Glow Production good. Exceptional ability. Crisp and juicy texture. Exceptional taste.
+- 7 days after Panorama Golden+- 10 days before Royal GalaGranny Smith Chilling requerements: Low. Well coloured red apple for early season. Tarty taste.
Middle OctoberLate MarchGolden Delicious, Hillieri, Granny Smith Production medium. Orange/red striped on a green/yellow background. Good coloured strain of Braeburn. Taste is crisp, juicy, tart/sweet.
Middle OctoberWith standard Braeburn - late MarchGranny Smith, Hillieri, Golden Delicious Brilliant red striped blush. Improved selection of Braeburn with full red colour. Higher pack-outs. Eating similar to Braeburn.
Harvest 3 weeks before Fuji, Well coloured- pink red blush. Good eating quality: typically crisp and sweet.
Middle OctoberLate MarchGranny Smith, Hillieri Production good. Storage ability good. Sweet and juicy. Good eating quality - crisp and sweet. Relative long shelf life, firm fruit.
Middle OctoberMiddle MarchGranny Smith, Hillieri  Extremely well coloured striped Fuji. Excellent storage ability. By joining the Kiku company fruit can be sold as Kiku TM similar to other major club varieties.
Early October (Koue Bokkeveld)Mid to end MarchGranny Smith, Hillieri Dark purple-red skin colour. Fully coloured fruit that colours early in season. Crisp, crunchy and juicy with an aromatic sweet taste.
Early OctoberWith Royal Gala An early colouring strain of Gala having a more "block blush" - type red colour over a red under-stripe. Size seem to be very good for a gala.
Early to middle OctoberEarly FebruaryGranny Smith, Golden Delicious, Hillieri Very attractive fruit with good taste. Pick ealier due to better colour throughout the tree. Improved colour result in harvesting in fewer picks and better.
Early - mid OctoberEarly to mid February Fragrant and sweet - good eating quality for an early apple. Better colour than Royal Gala. Occasionally, some fruit can be full red.
Early - mid OctoberEarly to mid FebruaryGolden Delicious Granny Smith Hillieri Spur Winter Banana Medium production Good storage ability Has been replaced by better coloured selections
Early to middle October Early FebruaryGranny Smith, Hillieri, Golden Delicious Royal Gala selection with better colour. Improved colour with improved packout.
Middle September3-6 weeks prior to Golden DeliciousGolden Delicous (warm areas), Ruby Gala (colder areas). Granny smith. Some suspicion that it could be self-fertile. Good production. Very good texture. Crisp, sweet but mildly tart.
Early - mid OctoberLate Feb to early MarchGranny Smith, Starking types, Royal Gala, Hillieri Production good. Storage ability good. Fragrant and sweet. Smooth skin - less susceptible to russet.
Early - mid OctoberLate Feb to early MarchGranny Smith Royal Gala Hillieri Important Golden clone in Europe. Much less retiform and calyx-end russeting than standard Golden types.
Early to mid SeptemberLate Feb to early MarchPanorama Pollinators, Early Granny may be an option Harvest plus/minus 2 weeks before normal Goldens
Early to mid OctoberLate March to early AprilGolden Delicous, Hillieri, Spur Winter Banana Good production. Good storage ability. Crisp firm fruit - acid-tart taste.
Middle SeptemberEarly March, 3 weeks before Granny Smith This is a branch mutation of Granny Smith which flowers and ripens about 3 weeks earlier. Fruit is very attractive, being bright green with prominent white lenticells and a typically Granny Smith eating quality.
Middle OctoberEnd of AprilRosy Glow, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious Bi-coloured, sweet with only a delectable touch of tartness, attractive apple with an exceptional eating quality.
Mid-seasonWith Cripps Pink Distinctive appearance, sprightly flavour. This cultivar has improved colour development inside tree canopy, resulting in higher pack out. The advantage of Rosy Glow over the conventional Cripps Pink is improved skin colour. This results in harvesting fruit at optimum maturity, increasing storage ability.
Early OctoberMid-End MarchGranny Smith, Spur Winter Banana. Production medium to high. Very good storage ability. Sweet crisp taste. Red colour develops late in season.
Middle to late OctoberLate February to early MarchGolden Delicious, Granny Smith, Hillieri Production medium. Good storage ability. Red colour develops at an early stage. Similar to Topred but darker red.
Early OctoberEnf Feb - early March Dark, red stripes on light green background - fully coloured. Sweet taste, red delicious flavour. Very spur-like trees - must be planted in high potential soils.
Middle OctoberLate Feb - early MarchGolden Delicious, Granny Smith, Hillieri Medium production. Good storage ability. Fragrant and sweet. Very spur-like trees - must be planted on high potential soils.
Middle OctoberEnd of FebruaryGolden Delicious, Granny Smith, Hillieri Branch mutation of Topred. Frut is bright to dark red and fully coloured. Colour development early in season. Fruit is full red long before other strains, including Early Red One. Standard growth habit trees.
Middle to late OctoberLate Feb - early MarchGolden Delicious, Granny Smith, Hillieri Better colour than Starking but not as good as Early Red One.
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Keywords: Fruit

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