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By: Stardraw  11-11-2011
Keywords: Construction Drawings, Sales Presentations, Back Office Integration

If you're in business to make money you'll be interested in 3 things: making sales, cutting costs and increasing profits.

If your field is the professional audio industry then Stardraw Audio 2007 is the only CAD solution that makes real sense. A bold claim, but justified.

Stardraw Audio 2007 contains libraries which closely integrate a huge set of ultra-high quality symbols of professional audio products with tools that enhance Stardraw so that you can produce stunning and accurate system drawings with unbelievable speed.

Now your sales presentations and construction drawings will be a model of professionalism, but you'll be working on your designs for minutes rather than hours thanks to more than 38,000 symbols of products from 484 of the world's leading manufacturers.

The fastest design tool —  You want to create professional designs in minutes, not hours. Stardraw Audio 2007 has been designed specifically for audio professionals and has all the tools and symbols you need.

Intelligent environments – Design your system in block or pictorial schematic mode and a highly detailed rack layout is created automatically.  Produce schematics, panels, racks, presentations and infinitely flexible reports in minutes.

Comprehensive libraries — With the largest, most detailed symbols library and powerful, easy to use tools, Stardraw Audio 2007 lets you design, engineer, price & present your systems faster & more professionally than ever before

Easy to create new symbols —  Edit existing symbols or ask for new ones using Stardraw's unique Symbols-by-Request service.

Simple to share — Print to any Windows printer, or share your designs with others using the free Stardraw Viewer.

Back office integration — Link symbol attributes, e.g. pricing to centralized data sources.

Powerful reporting — seamless integration with Excel means you can produce infinitely flexible, immensely powerful reports, like Bills of Materials, Quotations, Cable Schedules etc,  from any design.

Compatible and versatile — Reads writes and edits DWG and DXF files so it's simple to communicate with others, regardless of application or platform.

International — Available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Stardraw Audio 2007 Creates

  • Engineering schematics
  • High detail rack layouts
  • Sales presentations
  • Custom panel designs
  • Architectural layouts
  • Bills of materials
  • Pricing, quotations & many other powerful reports using MS Excel
  • - all in minutes, not hours

Stardraw Audio 2007 Includes

  • All the tools you need – no other design software required
  • Over 38,000 high quality product symbols
  • Regular symbols updates
  • Tools to read, write and edit DWG and DXF

Why Use Stardraw Audio 2007?

  • So easy, even a salesman can use it
  • So powerful, even an engineer will love it
  • So professional, your customers will demand it
  • So fast, professional designs take minutes, not hours

There are plenty of CAD applications out there, but ask any user where all their time goes and they'll say it's taken up by building their own library of common symbols - and there just isn't time to draw everything completely accurately. Stardraw Audio 2007's Libraries represent more than 35 expert man-years of symbol compilation and are the only definitive CAD source for the professional audio industry.

Stardraw Audio 2007 - a smarter way to see sound.

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