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By: Star Walls Security  11-11-2011
Keywords: Alarm, Fibre Optic, Detection Systems



  • Star Walls rotating spikes are virtually impossible to climb over.

  • The Star Walls OB-1 Fibre Optic Detection unit can be connected to your burglar alarm.

  • The Star Walls R-2 Disturbance Detection unit is ideal for palisade and mesh fences, gates, gun safes and shipping containers.

  • Star Walls are maintenance free.

  • Our sharp nylon-toughened rotating spikes can not rust and carry a 10-year warranty.

  • Star Walls have a very low false alarm rate.

  • Rotating spikes are neat and unobtrusive, yet highly effective.

  • Available in a range of colours.

  • Our prices are highly competitive.

The Star Walls OB-1 Fibre-optic Detection Unit and the Star Walls R-2 Disturbance Detection System are the two most advanced developments in the South African security industry. Developed and perfected by a leading South African technology company, there are already over 300 installations in the field.

These include nuclear sites in the United States and locally South African Government and SA Army and Air Force sites, plus many others.

The detection systems and their performance have been proved over and over again under the most demanding conditions and Star Walls provides a full support and on-going back-up service for all our Sole Distributors.

Coupled to the Star Walls Security Spikes System these products offer the best security solution today.

OB-1 Fibre-optic Detection Unit     

Previous methods of perimeter detection either have a low probability of detection, high nuisance alarm rate, high maintenance or high installation cost. Often most solutions available have a combination of the above problems. Alarms reported by other detection systems are often caused by the environment and regarded as false alarms.

The OB-1 Fibre unit also has a unique feature to do automatic analysis of the environment. After analysis of the environment and typical alarm conditions the unit will automatically determine detection parameters.

The optical fibre cable can be attached to a structure or buried in the ground to detect deflection caused by an intrusion.

R-2 Disturbance Detection System    

R-2 is a revolutionary Intelligent Intrusion Detection Device that sense the Kinematic behaviour of structures. Kinematical behaviour of structures is processed by onboard algorithms to distinguish between deliberate intrusion attempts of a structure and unwanted effects like environment interaction.

The R-2 sensor is a hi-tech detection device brought to you from the acclaimed Star Walls product range. This affordable sensor will detect physical disturbance on structures, but will also monitor movement or tilt of valuable assets. R-2 will therefore guard against physical intrusion attempts or the moving of valuable assets. R-2 can be applied both indoors and outdoors.

A strong feature of the R-2 sensor is that the alarm processing software will reject environmental conditions such as changes in temperatures and disturbances caused by wind and rain. Detection parameters can be set to achieve the best balance between probability of detection and nuisance alarms.

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Keywords: Alarm, Detection Systems, Fibre Optic, Fibre Optic Detection