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By: Star Channel  11-11-2011

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 by Colette

Want to offer up a new, valuable and very different blessingway/baby shower gift? Or how about just wanting to share with those friends that are planning to conceive in the not too distant future, information about a wonderful book that will enliven and enlighten their pregnancy experience? Maybe your mind is filled with many ideas of where this information should be posted so as to make known that there is such an e-book available for those moms and dads who wish to grow their parenting intuition and parental bond with their child? Then please, please feel free to share these ideas with me, spread the word or add this site's url address to your site..

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By Cmdr. Mari-el Novios of the Ashtar Command, overshadowed by Cmdr. Ashtar Sheran February 7, 2011 Beloved Brothers and Sisters All, By way of introduction, in the Ashtar Command, I am called Mari-el Novios. I am here on Earth assignment, but my original HU-man embodiment was in Alpha Centauri and I have lived many more lives on planets other than Earth than I have on Earth..


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Although currently I am unable to physically doula for you at the birth of your baby due to having a young daughter at the moment – I am more than available to be able to share with you ante-natal, birth & post-natal information and guidance that you may be seeking. In BODYSPIN we identify the imbalance, by priority, and invoke a specific pattern of energy through a specific vortex centre that is integrally related to the imbalance.