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By: St Michael's Catholic Church  11-11-2011

St Michael's Care Group was established to help create a sense of community, and to foster an attitude of mutual concern.
We welcome all new parishioners and invite you to 'our coffee table' after the 9 0'clock mass on the second Sunday of the month and hold a bi-annual party to welcome all new folk.

Assistance and care is given to the elderly which may be highlighted by the dedicated and remarkable work done by Matron Monica Rappaport who runs a clinic at Welverdiend taking blood pressure, injecting those who have need of insulin, or simply massaging feet to assist with circulation. Our care extends to other elderly people for whom we provide some social interactions with tea parties and an annual Christmas party.
However it is not only the elderly that we visit, but the sick, lonely or troubled or those who might be in need of some emotional support.
If transport to and from hospital or other appointments is a problem, contact Ros Dachs on ph. 689-2537.
We also offer lifts to those needing them, and one of our members runs a prayer service at the Woodside Frail Care.

To be effective in these areas of outreach we need to be informed, so please don't hesitate to let us know of a parishioner is in need or if you are motivated to join us and spread some care in our world, you would be most welcome.
Contact: Betsy Tucker

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This conception tacitly excludes those who most need our love--those who are unfortunate, who suffer, who are poor, destitute, or who have nothing in this world and who therefore have a claim upon everyone else who has more than he himself strictly needs.


Communion to the sick - lifts

In the early Christian Church, many of the prayers that were said at Eucharist were memorized and handed down by word of mouth. Scripture readings were recorded in other books and the Psalms were written in a book called the Psalter. After the Second Vatican Council, the Mass was translated into many different languages (the vernacular). Eventually the prayers were collected and written down in books known as sacramentaries.


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BIOGRAPHIES - Lives of the Saints & the Popes e.g. Teresa of Calcutta, Therese of Lisieux, Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI, St. Augustine, etc BIOGRAPHY - Mary, Mother of Our Lord. The library bookshelves have recently been expanded to create more space for an ongoing growing collection of spiritual reading for the parishioners of St. Michaels.