Square Carrot

By: Square Carrot  11-11-2011

International and Local Services

Sustainability and Triple Bottom Line Reporting

Globally the role that accountants play is changing rapidly and accountancy firms all over the world are changing their outlook. This is also important for the business owner to understand, adapt and more importantly to prepare for changes that would impact the business arena. These changes involve the way that companies do reporting to address issues like Socio Economic and Environmental Development.

Square Carrot is assisting companies with this transformation process by streamlining their Socio Economic and Environmental processes. Square Carrot will also introduce new technology to their customers in order to achieve environmental targets.

Broad Based Black Economic Development

Square Carrot assist companies with the transformation process towards B-BBEE recognition. By applying the Codes of Good Practice, Square Carrot can build all processes on behalf of its client, ensuring the best possible result. It is known that all companies, big and small need to comply with the Codes of Good practice from The Department of Trade and Industry, but what companies do not know is that the law protects everybody and B-BBEE can benefit companies if done correctly. 

Enterprise Entrepreneurial and Socio Economic Development

Square Carrot will assist companies with the development of Enterprises for BB-BEE purposes as well as to comply with International tenancies where necessary. By introducing new ideas and by sharing information regarding currant success stories, Square Carrot can help its customer to initiate new development programs that will benefit not only theimmediate community but the customer as well.