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By: Speechgear  11-11-2011
Keywords: Translation, Foreign Language

There are many translation products, but only one that allows you to truly Interact. Say something and its voiced out loud in another language; hear something

in a foreign language and it’s translated and spoken to you in English. No human interpreter, no dictionaries, no memorizing of pre-recorded phrases, no constraints, no expensive translation services; just real-time speech-to-speech translation of conversations.

With Compadre:Interact, anything you say is instantly translated. With other voice-based translators you can only use a fixed set of phrases and words. With Interact there are no boundaries, no constraints, no limited number of phrases. You can even easily add your own vocabulary such as acronyms or proper nouns. Instant translation of anything you say, hear, type or write with no limits, that’s Compadre:Interact.

Often communicating is more than simply speaking. With Interact’s Visualize feature you can use pictures such as maps and calendars; photographs of people and items of interest; forms for individuals to read or fill out, videos demonstrating a task the individual should perform, or if you’re using a tablet PC, simply use Interact’s sketchpad feature. With Visualize, you can go beyond simply speaking to truly Interacting.

In many situations you need to keep your hands free to perform other tasks – perhaps you are showing a customer how to use a product, helping a student complete an assignment, providing medical care to a patient, a police officer responding to a scene, or working on a manufacturing line. Once again, Interact is your solution. Interact includes a complete hands and eyes free interface where voice-commands and audio cues are all that is needed to instantly translate conversations.

Keywords: Foreign Language, Translation

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SpeechGear’s Instant Translation Products Now Support Thirty-Five Languages

March 30, 2010, Northfield, MN – SpeechGear, the industry leader in instant translation systems, announces the immediate availability of their new remote server module that extends SpeechGear’s patented instant translation capabilities to 35 languages.


The Compadre® Suite | SpeechGear

Having a single translation module that works with the entire suite ensures that you have the same reliable translations for all of your applications while keeping your maintenance costs to a miniumum. Interact® provides instant translation of conversations - you speak to the system, it repeats what you said in a different language and generates a transcript of the conversation.


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No other product line provides real-time translation of text contained in pictures, PowerPoint presentations, Word files, text messages, handwriting and spoken language. When you purchase any of the Compadre modules such as Interact, Document or Interpreter, you automatically also receive the Composer translation engine.


Communicator | SpeechGear

Additional packages, such as emergency medical situations and military applications are available, plus SpeechGear will work with you to create a vocabulary specific to your needs and show you how you can use Composer to continually update your systems yourselves, anytime, and anywhere. Communicator™ combines SpeechGear’s Interpreter software with aruggedized handheld computer to provide instant spoken.


Interact-AS | SpeechGear

Purchase one of the optional translation modules and whatever you write or type in English is immediately translated and voiced out in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch or many other languages. A person that is Hard-of-Hearing can now instantly see a closed-caption transcript of what’s being said, be it a conversation, a conference room discussion, a radio broadcast, or a video program.